Life of a Digital Nomad with Chris Clemens

Interested in travelling full-time? Tune in to hear Chris ‘Tarzan’ Clemens tell us about his decision to leave behind the corporate world and start an adventure across the world. All he needs is a car and stable internet connection to make this nomad lifestyle a reality.

Chris ‘Tarzan’ Clemens (not his actual middle name) grew up in rural Indiana and graduated from Ball State University, where he was president of the AKPsi chapter. Later, he moved to Southern California to sell cheesecake cutting machines until 2012 when he quit his job to hike the Appalachian Trail. Upon returning to California, Clemens became the youngest president of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara, moved into his car, and lived on the street while working in a fast-growing tech startup. In 2015, he quit his job, secured a freelance marketing client, and hit the road to travel fulltime. 

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Out on the Farm with Emily Stewart

Join us for a fun trip out to the farm with Emily Stewart! Emily, creator of Dirt Darlin’, joins the podcast to tell us how the time on her family’s farm in Bargersville, Indiana, gave her the skills and values she needed to build a multi-faceted company. Dirt Darlin’ includes a homegrown market, boutique, and photography.

Hey there, I’m Emily Stewart! The Dirt Darlin’ brand has many faces but all boils down to our tag line “Grow Where You Are Planted.” The brand has grown over the years encompassing my photography business, to “The Pantry” that sells our yummy homegrown goodies, to the small town boutique to shop the styles of our local artist and stylist. I’m just a farm girl who can’t sit still and believes in my community! When I’m not photographing your wedding or crafting new recipes for salsa and jam, I love chilling with my corgies Rhett and Stella, hunting and riding razors with my boyfriend Brandon, Jeeping with my family, and jamming out to ANY music or podcasts.

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Cyber Security in a Digital World with Jennifer Raiford

What is a chief security officer? How can you ensure compliance within your company? Jennifer Raiford, global chief information, security, and compliance officer, is here to answer all these cyber security questions and more.

Jennifer Raiford has been protecting enterprises for over 25 years. Today Raiford specializes in building Chief Security and Privacy Offices for Global companies as well as Client Information Security and Privacy Offices for Global Security Firms through Process Architecture and Operational Excellence. She has a 100 percent success rate in passing audits, getting companies certified, and maintaining certifications. Currently, Raiford provides Chief Security, Privacy, Governance, Compliance, Risk Advisory, Consulting, Process Engineering, and Cyber writing Services. Through these experiences, Raiford developed a Cybersecurity Leadership framework and methodology that allows her to customize and tailor services to each client.

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Discover Your Power with David Gibson

We could all use some positivity and motivation right now, and you’ve come to the right place. Author and speaker David Gibson joins the podcast today to teach our listeners how to use their innate abilities and strengths to become self-reliant, powerful community members. “If you want to go to sleep with satisfaction, you have to wake up with determination.”

What would your life look life if you broke the rules of your limitations, envisioned greater possibilities, and committed to a greater reality? David Gibson is on a mission to help individuals do just that as the founder of Elevation is a Must, a personal development company focused on providing leaders with the tools to improve the quality of their lives. David is an author, speaker, and the host of the DreamCatchers Worldwide Broadcast. He is also a coach that guides leaders on how to establish empowered beliefs and develop the successful habits that lead to living an extraordinary life. One philosophy that he lives by and encourages others to adopt: “The goal is not to be known, but the goal has always been to become somebody worth knowing.” David has dedicated his life to helping others become individuals of value so that they too can bring value to the world. He is driven to help others unleash their greater potential in life.

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