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We realize your time is valuable, which is why we have various opportunities that can suit your availability.

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Looking to advance your skills? We can work with you on creating opportunities that further your professional or personal development.

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Sometimes our lives don’t afford us the opportunity to get involved as a volunteer. However, there are other ways to make a difference through the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Fraternity Board of Directors

The directors of the Fraternity Board are elected by the Chapter Congress. One year of previous volunteer service is required to serve on the board. For more information, please contact the Fraternity CEO.

Director: A representative of the governance body of the fraternity; represents the entire membership and its best interests; serves as the long-term strategic body of the Fraternity; develops policies to ensure implementation of the strategic plan

  • Elected by Chapter Congress
  • Three year term
  • Time commitment: 2 weekend in-person meetings per year, and 4 hours per month committee/follow-up work

Foundation Board of Directors

The directors on the Foundation Board are elected by the foundation members. For more information, please contact the Foundation COO or Fraternity CEO.

Director: Responsible for setting polices, strategies, fundraising goals, plans, an operational budget and overall vision for the Foundation

  • Elected by Foundation members
  • Three year term
  • Time commitment: 1-2 weekend in-person meetings per year, and 4 hours per month committee/follow-up work

Judiciary Committee

Judiciary Committee Member (description coming soon)

Independent Investigating Officer (description coming soon)

Management Team

The President, Executive Vice President are elected positions of the Management Team. Please contact the Managing Director of Student Services for more information on these positions. The Area Vice Presidents and Regional Directors are appointed by the Fraternity Board of Directors.

Regional Management Team

Regional Manager: Oversees a functional area within the region.

  • Time commitment: ~ 3-5 hours/weeks

Section Director: Oversees a limited number of chapters and volunteers

  • Time commitment: ~ 5 hours/week

Chapter Advisor: Oversees a collegiate chapter

  • TIme commitment: ~ 2-3 hours/week

Chapter Advisory Board: Advises an individual chapter on a functional area within the chapter.

  • One year term
  • Time commitment: ~ 2-3 hours/month

Additional Opportunities

Additional Committees and Opportunities

Speaker: responsible for sharing knowledge with the membership via webinar, e-learning or in-person event (PBLI or College of Leadership). For more information, please contact the Director of Education.
– How am I selected/appointed: Presenters are chosen by the director of education based on educational content needs
– What is my time commitment: sessions vary from 15 to 90 minutes based on need

Case Competition Judge: responsible for serving as a judge of the Foundation sponsored Case Competition at a regional Principled Business Leadership Institute.
– How am I selected/appointed: by invitation
– What is my time commitment: approximately 8 hours on Saturday of the PBLI.

Special Interest Project: participate in a special project for the fraternity or foundation.
– How am I selected/appointed: As needed by the chair of the project committee.
– How long is my term: As needed
– What is my time commitment: Varies based on workload.
(Designed for the person who wishes to volunteer but does not want to be locked into a specific role.)

Meet Some of Our Volunteers

Jamie Fuller
Creative Director
“I am grateful that I made the decision to step out of my comfort zone and become a fraternity volunteer. It has truly molded me into the professional I am today, and now I have no problem stepping up and taking a leadership role in any situation I’m faced!”
Lindsey Lu-Pon
Chapter Advisory Board Member
“It’s amazing how you continue learning about yourself while helping others find their way.  Volunteering for AKPsi has also given me professional development opportunities. I’ve been able to enhance my skills related to etiquette, personal relationships and technology, which transfer well to my professional career.”
Jean-Francois Lappas
Chapter Advisor
“Volunteering has forced me to become much more self-aware and reflective in order to ensure I provide the right advice in the right away. It’s also good to work for something greater than yourself; for a common cause that aims to make the world a little bit better.”
Bruce Orvis
Faculty Advisor
“There is an intrinsic reward of watching shy and reserved individuals grow and mature into responsible young adults. It comes down to the “feel good” feeling you get when a part of something worthwhile and the knowledge you have helped “make a difference” for individuals.”

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