A Mindset of Abundance with Phyllis Ginsberg

In this episode, Desiree and Chrissy take a deep dive into mental health and the importance of positive thoughts while chatting with brain researcher and therapist Phyllis Ginsberg. This touches on anxiety, depression, EFT tapping, and positive psychology. If you’re looking to take a step toward thinking of what’s possible, this is number one.

Phyllis Ginsberg is known and beloved by lots of happier, healthier, and less stressed working professionals as their Survival to Thrival Expert. She’s the author of two books:Brain Makeover – A Weekly Guide to a Happier, Healthier, and More Abundant Life,” andTired and Hungry No More – Not Your Ordinary Guide to Reclaiming Your Health and Happiness.” Her 30 years of experience as a marriage and family therapist, and expertise in positive psychology, brain research, and EFT tapping, give her clients an edge in making lasting, profound changes in their lives. Quickly, they shift their stressful thinking to achieve calm, clarity, and creativity. That means that the quality of their lives and work gets better – often in a moment. 

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Cultivating Investor Relationships with Brian Folmer

You’ve got one shot to land an investor for your business; can you do it? Brian Folmer can and his startup FirstLook is thriving, even after launching just two days before COVID-19 shut down New York City. Brian teaches us about drafting your pitch to building a buzz to growing your business enough to be able to say ‘no’ to new customers.
Brian is a two-time founder who currently leads FirstLook, a subscription box full of emerging, high growth consumer brands for early-stage investors. Before FirstLook, he led BD & Strategic Partnerships at XRC Labs, International Operations at Victoria’s Secret, and founded a previous startup through a startup technology accelerator in Cleveland. Brian joined AKPsi while attending The Ohio State University. Today you can find him at the WeWork Consumer Labs in NYC. 

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Entrepreneurship: Soul Carrier with Jenn Boonlorn

The Devil Wears Prada comes to life in this episode with Jennifer Boonlorn, creator of Soul Carrier, a line of luxury handbags and accessories. Jennifer tells us an amazing story of family heartbreak leading to business inspiration as she travels from Arizona to New York City to find her true north. A special discount code is available for our listeners at the end of the episode!

Soul Carrier was founded in 2011 by designer Jennifer Boonlorn. Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Jennifer graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in business with the goal of becoming a lawyer. After losing both of her parents in a family car accident when she was a senior in college, she found it imperative to re-think her future path. Jennifer relocated to New York City to pursue a career in the fashion industry. 

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The Art of Coaching with Halle Simpson

Do you need a life or business coach? How do you select the best coach for you? What type of mindset is the most beneficial for a successful coaching relationship? Associate Certified Coach Halle Simpson is here to tell us all that and more as she dives deep into the art of coaching.

Halle is a globally recognized Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, keynote speaker, trainer and author of the forthcoming Know Thyself Journal. Her passion for speaking and coaching stems from both, growing up in a household with a parent battling depression and the grit gained from a 20 year career in sales and leadership development.  In her work with executives, business owners and self-starters, Halle masterfully creates conversations that grow leaders and their businesses that they’re not getting anywhere else.  When she isn’t coaching clients or speaking on stage, Halle enjoys yoga, journaling, cooking shows, attending the Indy 500, visiting Traverse City, Michigan and walks with her Boston Terrier, Marco. 

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Youth, Equity, and Leadership with Sam Battan

Sam Battan, Colorado ’07, joins the Business Edge podcast to chat about the importance of youth leadership and how teens are changing the Denver landscape through his organization, Colorado Youth Congress. To get involved, visit: coyouthcongress.org.

As the founder and CEO of the Colorado Youth Congress, Sam Battan brings together diverse communities of young people to lead the fight to solve our most complex problems. Prior to starting CYC, Sam worked in New Orleans for five years teaching in an alternative high school designed for students who were overage and under-credited. Sam was recognized as the district’s Teacher of the Year and has worked passionately to expand leadership opportunities for youth. In addition to being an educator, Sam is a proud community organizer, recently co-founding Equity Network United for Metro Denver, an advocacy organization, and previously serving as the education chair for the Welcome Table New Orleans, the nation’s first city-sanctioned initiative on racial reconciliation. His advocacy work has been featured on NBC, NOLA.com, the Denver Post, and The Advocate.

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