The Academy is an all expenses paid fellowship to a custom designed, hands-on, leadership experience designed to make even the best of Alpha Kappa Psi more impactful, value-based leaders.

Through the foundation’s Case Competition, students are introduced to the realities of decision making—including incomplete information, time constraints and conflicting goals–giving them first-hand experience in analyzing business situations.


The College of Leadership programs are designed to be interactive discussions to give attendees the opportunities to learn and share ideas from business professionals, AKPsi leaders and chapters from across the fraternity.

Convention 2017-01

The Convention is held every two years and consists of two main parts – the Chapter Congress Meeting and the College of Leadership. Additional events include the Celebration of Brotherhood, Brothers Night Out and the Grand Banquet.


This three-day conference is for faculty and chapter advisors who want to go further than the basics of advising and want to gain education on the “bigger picture” of working with successful chapters, maintaining a healthy CAB, and be the best resource to the fraternity and the chapter.


Over the course of the event, attendees will complete their Spark plan which outlines their path through the Principled Business Leadership Institute experience and prepares them for creating their leadership development plan.


Officer Training is an educational leadership experience held at PBLI and is designed to provide collegiate chapter officers with learning focused on serving others, chapter operations, and how to create an officer success plan.

Presidens Academy

This educational leadership experience is designed to provide chapter and colony presidents with in-depth learning concentrating on serving others, self-awareness, chapter operations, understanding vision, and how to create a chapter success plan.


Held in different cities across the country, the Principled Business Leadership Institute offers individuals a structured program focusing on professional skill building at the individual level, while allowing for the opportunity to network with other members and business professionals.