Cyber Security in a Digital World

What is a chief security officer? How can you ensure compliance within your company? Jennifer Raiford, global chief information, security, and compliance officer, is here to answer all these cyber security questions and more.

Jennifer Raiford has been protecting enterprises for over 25 years. Today Raiford specializes in building Chief Security and Privacy Offices for Global companies as well as Client Information Security and Privacy Offices for Global Security Firms through Process Architecture and Operational Excellence. She has a 100 percent success rate in passing audits, getting companies certified, and maintaining certifications. Currently, Raiford provides Chief Security, Privacy, Governance, Compliance, Risk Advisory, Consulting, Process Engineering, and Cyber writing Services. Through these experiences, Raiford developed a Cybersecurity Leadership framework and methodology that allows her to customize and tailor services to each client.

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Discover Your Power

We could all use some positivity and motivation right now, and you’ve come to the right place. Author and speaker David Gibson joins the podcast today to teach our listeners how to use their innate abilities and strengths to become self-reliant, powerful community members. “If you want to go to sleep with satisfaction, you have to wake up with determination.”

What would your life look life if you broke the rules of your limitations, envisioned greater possibilities, and committed to a greater reality? David Gibson is on a mission to help individuals do just that as the founder of Elevation is a Must, a personal development company focused on providing leaders with the tools to improve the quality of their lives. David is an author, speaker, and the host of the DreamCatchers Worldwide Broadcast. He is also a coach that guides leaders on how to establish empowered beliefs and develop the successful habits that lead to living an extraordinary life. One philosophy that he lives by and encourages others to adopt: “The goal is not to be known, but the goal has always been to become somebody worth knowing.” David has dedicated his life to helping others become individuals of value so that they too can bring value to the world. He is driven to help others unleash their greater potential in life.

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Values. Culture. Success

Former staff member, Lane Velayo, Cincinnati ’00, visited the Heritage Center to discuss business ownership and core values. Lane tells Chrissy and Desiree about his experience purchasing an Association Management Company, transforming it into his own, and building a healthy company culture.

Lane Velayo, Cincinnati ’00, is the owner and Chief Executive Officer for Synergos Association Management Company.  Headquartered in Indianapolis, Synergos Association Management Company also maintains a presence in Saint Paul Minnesota providing outsourced headquarters services and other operational and strategic services to trade and professional associations.  Lane has been recognized by the American Society of Association Executives as a member of its Diversity Executive Leadership Program (2015) , by the Association Forum as a Top 40 under 40 association professional (2016) and by the Indiana Society of Association Executives as Association Executive of the Year (2011).  Lane was initiated into Alpha Kappa Psi at the University of Cincinnati and later became the fraternity’s first Director of Alumni Development.  Lane has also served the fraternity as a volunteer including as chapter advisor at Butler University and as the Convention emcee in 2017 and 2015. 

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Synergos AMC

It’s All About Respect

Eileen Howell, Wisconsin ’78, joins the show today to discuss her climb up the ladder at multiple companies within the oil and gas industry, and her many firsts as a female in her professional career as well as her fraternal experience with AKPsi. Eileen also walks listeners through her own acronym and other tips about leadership.

Eileen is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, holding a master’s in Tax. Eileen recently retired as the Director of Tax at Powell Industries Inc., an international electrical power equipment manufacturer headquartered in Houston, Texas. Prior to that, she spent six years with Paradigm, an international oil and gas software company starting as the VP of Tax and moving into the CFO position. Eileen spent the major part of her career, over 22 years, with Schlumberger, an international oilfield service company, holding numerous tax positions in the US, Singapore and the UK. She began her tax career in Milwaukee at Arthur Young and Company. 

She joined Alpha Kappa Psi’s Delta Phi chapter at UWM in 1978 and eventually became its first female chapter president. She joined the AKPsi Foundation Board in 1987 where she became its first female president. Eileen was elected to the Fraternity Board of Directors in 2001 and served as Chairman of the Board during 2005 and 2006. She is a proud recipient of the Silver Distinguished Service Award and the Gold Distinguished Services Award, the highest honor bestowed on a member by the fraternity. Eileen currently resides in Missouri City, Texas with her husband. She is a fan of golf, college football but most of all, her granddaughter. 

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Tribute to Women

This year we celebrated the 45th anniversary of AKPsi allowing women to join the fraternity!  But did you know, it took several years before the opposition was finally defeated?

In 1972, President Nixon (and AKPsi brother), signed Title IX, which states that no person, on the basis of sex, can be excluded from participation, or denied benefits, under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

A Title IX exemption was introduced and in 1973, the Fraternity Alliance for Inalienable Rights, a 17 member organization which AKPsi was a member, was formed to oppose Title IX for professional fraternities.

During Convention in 1975, Alpha Kappa Psi initiated a fundraiser to combat Title IX, and a write-in campaign to attempt to sway legislators also began. A committee for female membership was created and proposed the Fraternity should bar women due to the Title IX exception legislation.

However, when it became apparent that non-inclusive legislation would not be approved, it was actually the Board of Directors that voted on August 7, 1976, to admit women into the Fraternity.

“Given the exposure we had to the business community-at-large, we could no longer deny women the same right to learn as we had learned.” John Eppinger Jr, Jacksonville ’75 Life

The Fraternity’s growth is directly linked to the admittance of women and makes up roughly half its membership. Women are chapter Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Pledge Educators. They are Chapter Advisors and Regional Directors. In 1985, AKPsi elected the first Female Fraternity Vice President, in 1991, the first Female Foundation Chairman, in 2003, the first Female Fraternity Chairman, and in 2007, finally, the first Female Fraternity President.