August 3 – 6, 2022

Miami, FL

About Convention

The Alpha Kappa Psi Convention is a four-day-long fraternity event which occurs every two years. Convention serves as the business meeting of Alpha Kappa Psi where chapter congress convenes to influence positive change within the organization. Convention also serves to educate both student and alumni members on fraternity knowledge, business knowledge, and professional development through the two-day College of Leadership event.


61st Convention Postponed Until 2022

Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity and Foundation volunteer leaders and staff have discussed the options at length for our convention in Miami in August. The health, welfare and safety of our members and staff is our primary concern. We believe the brotherhood is at our best during in-person events. If we cannot meet in-person, we would rather save time and resources for when we can meet in-person to exchange the fraternity hand grip and to greet each with hugs.   

With a heavy heart, that we announce the postponement, by one year, of the AKPsi convention in Miami scheduled for August 4-7, 2021. New convention dates are August 3-6, 2022 remaining at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami.  

Given the uncertainty regarding the safety and wellbeing of our members created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the most sensible option for 2021 is to forego the in-person event. This would relieve the attendees, volunteers, and professional staff of the health risks that accompany the perceived obligation to attend in-person. These risks include activities related to travel, hotel, airports, large meetings or gatherings, etc. 

With this postponement, our Convention years will shift from odd to even. President Thomas Tran, and Executive Vice President Jacqueline Ginarte, have agreed to serve an additional year on their current terms. The brothers nominated during the regional meetings have agreed with this approach and will remain as candidates, if they chose, for the 2022 election. We will conduct elections for these two positions as usual in 2022 for a two-year term. 

Be A

Change Agent

Consider and vote on amendments to the constitution and statutory code so that all student and alumni chapters have the opportunity to make principled decisions that ensure future members develop personally and professionally through AKPsi.


Principled Decision Making

Elect the President and Executive Vice President and enact legislation that influences the direction of the fraternity for a minimum of the next two years.


100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL 33131

The Premier in Miami Luxury Hotels

At InterContinental Miami, vibrant art, innovative businesses, and tropical life converge into the premier luxury experience. Built around Henry Moore’s famous sculpture, “The Spindle,” our luxury Miami hotel lies along the downtown waterfront, with the city’s business centers and famous beaches both within easy reach.

Learn more here.

The total cost for a 1-night hotel stay – inclusive of taxes and fees is $192.10. A first night deposit is required and will be charged to their credit card. Reservations must be cancelled 72 hours prior to arrival to avoid loss of first night’s deposit.
*Hotel reservation link for the new dates in 2022 will be available in mid-August.

Convention Schedule


  • Skyviews Miami Wheel
  • Jar of heARTS – paint heart bags
  • Registration/Check-in
  • Volunteer Appreciation Reception
  • Welcome Reception


  • Chapter Congress
  • College of Leadership
  • Night-time boat cruise


  • College of Leadership
  • Awards Luncheon
  • Brothers Night Out


  • Celebration of Brotherhood
  • College of Leadership
  • Little Havana Food & Cultural Tour
  • Awards Luncheon
  • Grand Banquet & dance

We are making some adjustments to the schedule for Miami Convention to accommodate Brothers Night Out at Everglades Holiday Park. Convention Committee meetings & caucus will be virtual prior to convention and College of Leadership will begin on Thursday.

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Sheraton exterior

Sheraton Dallas

Hotel Information

Located in the heart of Texas, the 60th Convention will call the Sheraton Dallas Hotel home for the week. Our room block with the Sheraton has expired along with our discounted room rate. Reservations will still be accepted but at the Sheraton’s discretion on rate and availability. Another option is to check the roommate sharing forum below.


Vogel Alcove


Community Service

One of the core values of Alpha Kappa Psi is service. While visiting the great state of Texas, Alpha Kappa Psi will be giving back to the local charity Vogel Alcove. Vogel Alcove’s mission is to provide relief to children and families experiencing homelessness in the Dallas area. Start giving now through our Amazon Wishlist.

Vogel Alcove would appreciate your time and talent while you are Dallas. Sign up to be a Garden, Classroom or Nap Buddy on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Morning and afternoon shifts are available. The only experience you need is compassion and a desire to serve.

Sign up now!

Collegiate Rates

Registration is Open!

Late Registration Rate

per student registrant

To receive this rate, registrations must be completed between June 2 and July 15.

Group Discount

The 8th or more student registrant registers at the $424 rate.

On Site Registration Rate

per student registrant

To receive this rate, registrations must be purchased between July 16 and August 3.

Group Discount

The 8th or more student registrant registers at the $424 rate.

After at least 2 students are registered with the full package (Wednesday-Saturday night), students can register for these additional packages.  This is offered to students who have internships/jobs can come in just for the weekend or for those students that are local and can attend just a small portion of convention.

Brotherhood Package

per student registrant

Rates include registration materials, Celebration of Brotherhood, Brother’s Night Out at Eddie Deen’s, College of Leadership (Saturday), Saturday Awards Luncheon, Grand Banquet.

Create my Own Package

Rate is cumulative based on items selected below.
  • Celebration of Brotherhood & Brothers Night Out – $65/person
  • Cidercade – $35/person
  • Sixth Floor Museum – $87/person
  • Reunion Tower tour – $25/person

Saturday Package

per student registrant

Rates include registration materials, College of Leadership (Saturday), Saturday Awards Luncheon, Grand Banquet.

Student Add-Ons

Each event is priced al-a-carte so create a registration package that suits your time and needs.

Sixth Floor Museum


Reunion Tower Tour

$24 per person


$35 per person

Alumni and Guest Rates

Registration is Open!

Create Your Own Package

Each event is priced al-a-carte so create a registration package that suits your time and needs.
All guests of AKPsi members are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the social events.  Chapter Congress and Celebration of Brotherhood are member-only events.

Create your Own Package

per alumnus

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Alumni Packages

Rates include registration materials, Welcome Reception, Chapter Congress, committee meetings, Celebration of Brotherhood, two awards luncheons, Brothers Night Out at Eddie Deen’s Ranch, College of Leadership, and Grand Banquet & Dance. (Weekender packages excluded.)

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Weekender #1

per alumnus

Alumni Only

This rate includes Continuing Education, Celebration of Brotherhood, Eddie Deen’s, and Grand Banquet.

Weekender #2

per alumnus

Alumni Only

This rate includes Celebration of Brotherhood, Eddie Deen’s, One (1) Saturday Outing of Choice, and Grand Banquet.

Late Registration Rate

per alumnus

To receive this rate, registrations must be completed between June 2 and July 15. If payment is not received at the time of registration, the going rate will be charged at the time of payment.

On Site Registration Rate

per alumnus

To receive this rate, registrations must be completed onsite. If payment is not received at the time of registration, the going rate will be charged at the time of payment.

Convention FAQ

I am a Booster Club member. Does the postponement affect my membership?

No. You receive the same benefits plus your add-on event discount will increase from 10% to 20%. We are projecting an alumni registration fee of at least $475. Your Booster Club membership affords you the same registration at $305.04 fee already paid. What an amazing savings! If you are unable to attend Convention 2022, we will gladly provide a full refund. Please contact Wendy Wendroff, Convention Chair, at no later than April 15 if you wish to cancel your Booster Club membership.

Will the student chapters be billed for the spring 2021 Convention Savings Plan?

No. An invoice for the spring 2021 Convention Savings Plan will not be due. Convention Savings Plan invoices will resume in fall 2021 for $250 and spring 2022 for $250. Each chapter will have $1250 in their Convention Savings Plan for the 2022 Convention.

What will happen with the student chapters current Convention Savings Plan funds?

They will roll over for the 2022 Convention. No spring 2021 invoice for the Convention Savings Plan will be due. Convention Savings Plan will resume in fall 2021 for $250 and again in spring 2022 for $250. Each chapter will have $1250 in their Convention Savings Plan for the 2022 Convention registration.

Will there be anything charged to student chapters in fall 2021 and spring 2022 for the Convention Savings Plan?

Yes. In fall 2021 and spring 2022, the student chapters will be billed $250. Each student chapter will then have $1250 in their Convention Savings Plan for the 2022 Convention.

I have made a hotel reservation. Will that be moved to the new dates?

No. The hotel will cancel your reservation, and if a deposit was made, it will be refunded. You will need to make new hotel reservations and deposit. The hotel reservation link will be available in mid-August 2021.

What happens with the President and EVP nominations made during the regional meetings?

President Thomas Tran, and EVP Jacqueline Ginarte, have agreed to extend their respective terms for one year due to the Convention postponement. The brothers nominated for these offices during regional meetings have been consulted and have agreed that this decision is best for the fraternity. They will remain as candidates, if they so choose, for the 2022 elections

What happens with the current President & EVP terms?

President Thomas Tran, and EVP Jacqueline Ginarte, have agreed to extend their respective terms to adjust to the Convention postponement.

Will there be elections for President & EVP this year?

No. The usual election cycle will resume at the 2022 Convention.

I am graduating before the next Convention occurs. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! All students, alumni, faculty, and their guests are welcome to attend Convention. Chapter Congress and Celebration of Brotherhood are member-only events. All other events are open to guests.

Will the hotel room rate remain the same for 2022?

No. There is a small cost of living increase. The hotel rate for 2022 is $145/night with an inclusive rate of $192.10/night.

When can I register for the 2022 Convention in Miami?

Registration packages, rates, schedule, and the ability to register will be available on August 3, 2021 during the Final Countdown to Miami event at 8 pm Eastern celebrating 365 days until we meet for Convention 2022. Join us for our Final Countdown to Miami by registering at MyAKPsi via Events to find out the exciting details.

Will there be a Chapter Congress Meeting in 2021?

A special virtual meeting of Chapter Congress has been called by the Chair of the Fraternity Board of Directors for Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 3:00 pm Eastern. The purpose of this meeting is to approve legislation set forth by the Fraternity Board of Directors to amend the Constitution and Statutory Code to continue the protection and advancement of Alpha Kappa Psi as an organization and a membership body. Any chapter with a balance past 90 days will not be eligible to vote.

Will there be a College of Leadership in 2021?

No. College of Leadership will be postponed until 2022.

What can we expect for Convention 2022?

Attend the Final Countdown to Miami on August 3, 2021 at 8 pm (365 days away from Convention) to find out! Register for this event at MyAKPsi via Events.

Why not conduct a virtual Chapter Congress?

We want to continue to hold Chapter Congress and College of Leadership concurrently.

Will the Foundation Members Meeting still be held?

Yes! The meeting will be held on August 6, 2021. The Foundation will communicate the details to the Foundation members as it becomes available.

What happens to the proposed legislation passed at the regional meetings?

This legislation will be reviewed by the BOD. If it is within their purview, given the passing of the proposed legislation, it will be addressed.  If it is not deemed to be under the scope of the legislation to be passed on May 2nd, it will be carried forward to the 2022 Chapter Congress.

At the Regional Meetings in 2022, can we propose legislation and have additional officer nominations?

Yes! The floor will be open for those business matters.

Will we be going to Everglades Holiday Park for Brothers Night Out in 2022?

Yes! We have confirmed the date change to Friday, August 5, 2022 with Everglades Holiday Park. You will still enjoy the one-hour airboat ride, animal encounter, Gator Boys show, and all other activities associated with the Park.

Will our community service partner remain Jar of heARTS?

Yes! We will continue to collect art supplies and monetary donations for Jar of heARTS and present them during the Miami Convention in 2022.

I still have questions not addressed here. Who do I contact?

To address additional questions with a single voice and to have a general Q&A bank, please complete the form here. Please do not reply to this email message. We will respond within 24 hours. If appropriate, we will add your question to our live list of FAQs.

Convention Community Service Partner

Alpha Kappa Psi is honored to join forces with Jar of heARTS as our Miami Convention community service partner. Jar of heARTS is a Miami based organization whose mission is to help children overcome trauma through creative art expression and enhance the patient and family hospital experience.

Their signature project is the heart bag project. Each bag includes art materials and other comfort items to help ease the children’s chemo treatment and hospital stay. We will incorporate Jar of heARTS into the convention by immediately beginning to collect the items needed for the heart bags. During Convention we will paint the canvas bags with hearts on Wednesday at registration/check-in, on Thursday we will fill the painted heart bags with our donations and on Saturday a representation from Jar of heARTS will attend the luncheon to accept our donations.

How can you donate? Thanks for asking! There are several options either monetary or making purchases of needed items.

    • All fraternity event registrations have the option to make a monetary donation for Jar of heARTS.
    • MyAKPsi community > Events > Convention you will find the opportunity to make a monetary donation
    • We have created an Amazon Wish list. The heart bags will be distributed at hospitals to immune compromised children. In consideration of this the list of items is very specific and has been approved for their non-toxic nature.

As a convention experience, Convention attendees will have the opportunity to decorate one of the heart bags as well as volunteer time to stuff the decorated bags.

Learn more about Jar of heARTS.

Convention Spotify Playlist

Enjoy the sounds of Miami through our Spotify playlist Miami ‘22. You can find the list at MyAKPsi > Events > Convention or search Spotify for Miami ‘22. Music and artists are added bi-monthly to keep the playlist fresh and introducing new sounds and music genres.

The Convention Booster Club is no longer available to sign up

2019 Convention Recap

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2019 Convention Slideshow

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2019 Convention Photos

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