Board of Directors

In 1995, a nine member board of directors was established to be
responsible for Alpha Kappa Psi’s governance and strategic planning.

The fraternity’s board of directors serve as the supreme executive, legislative and judicial body between meetings of the Chapter Congress. Any non-student member in good standing may be nominated to the board of directors by the following process as stated in the Alpha Kappa Psi Constitution and Statutory Code:

Candidates for Directors shall be nominated (1) in writing by eight (8) members in good standing of the Fraternity, (2) in writing by three (3) members of the Management Team, or (3) by any member of the Board of Directors.  All nominations must be received by January 15 of the year in which the election is to take place. Nominations must be accepted by February 15 of the year in which the election is to take place, and all resumes must be submitted by February 28. Nominations may be emailed to for verification.

  • All
  • Executive Committee
  • Directors
  • Richard V. Battle
    Richard V. Battle
  • John M. Levering
    John M. Levering
  • Christine M. Vasquez
    Christine M. Vasquez
  • Nancy A. Ghizzone
    Nancy A. Ghizzone
  • Dr. William Callarman
    Dr. William Callarman
  • Naneen Christopher
    Naneen Christopher
  • Eileen L. Howell
    Eileen L. Howell
  • Daniel L. Stubblefield
    Daniel L. Stubblefield
  • Alexander T. Sultan
    Alexander T. Sultan

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