Professional Staff

In 1923, Alpha Kappa Psi became the first professional fraternity to have a headquarters
facility, and since then, has moved from location to location as the fraternity grew.

  • Steve Hartman
    Steve Hartman
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Jason Pierce
    Jason Pierce
    Director of Education
  • Melinda Rosenthall
    Melinda Rosenthall
    Director of Student Services
  • Jessica Seitz
    Jessica Seitz
    Foundation Managing Director
  • Dallas Thacker
    Dallas Thacker
    Associate Director of Communication
  • Mackenzie Lauka
    Mackenzie Lauka
    Associate Director of Education
  • Alec Morand
    Alec Morand
    Associate Director of Student Services
  • Amber Hambach
    Amber Hambach
    Areas I and II Resource Coordinator
  • Coral Petersen
    Coral Petersen
    Areas III and IV Resource Coordinator
  • Stephanie Bentley
    Stephanie Bentley
    Member Service Representative

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