Heritage Center Staff

In 1923, Alpha Kappa Psi became the first professional fraternity to have a headquarters
facility, and since then, has moved from location to location as the fraternity grew.

AKPsi occupies a 9,400 square-foot building on Indianapolis’ northeast side that serves as the headquarters for both the Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity and Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation. The two corporations have been operating from the Heritage Center since April, 2005.

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  • Foundation
  • Operations
  • Member Services
  • Programs & Events
  • Communication & Technology
  • Jess Seabolt
    Jess Seabolt
    Area III Resource Coordinator
  • Ruth Massillon
    Ruth Massillon
    Area IV Resource Coordinator
  • Stephanie Bentley
    Stephanie Bentley
    Member Service Representative
  • Cathy Cole
    Cathy Cole
    Member Service Representative
  • Hazel Collier
    Hazel Collier
    Member Service Representative
  • Dakota Hall
    Dakota Hall
    Member Service Representative
  • Steve Hartman
    Steve Hartman
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Alec Morand
    Alec Morand
    Area I Resource Coordinator
  • Cady Tabeling
    Cady Tabeling
    Area II Resource Coordinator
  • Liz Vickers
    Liz Vickers
    Associate Director of Risk Management
  • Mackenzie Lauka
    Mackenzie Lauka
    Associate Director of Education
  • Basha Coleman
    Basha Coleman
    Associate Director of Communication
  • Jessica Seitz
    Jessica Seitz
    Managing Director of Foundation
  • Melinda Rosenthall
    Melinda Rosenthall
    Director of Student Services
  • Jason Pierce
    Jason Pierce
    Director of Education
  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker
    Chief Operating Officer

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