June 24-27, 2023

Morgantown, IN


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with the final deadline for application submission as March 2, 2023.

Applications are closed.

Check back in Spring 2024 to apply for the next Academy.


There is no cost to attend the Academy.

About Academy

The recurring theme in business is speed; faster communication, faster transactions, and being faster than one’s competitors. With the expectations in this hot economy for newcomers to hit the ground running, how does one learn the fundamentals of leadership while keeping pace with the speed of change in technology and in the workplace? Where do personal values, teamwork, and an awareness of self-fit in this technology-driven world?  

The Academy was created to provide participants with a solid grounding in self-awareness, skills for leading (and contributing), teamwork, and a new perspective on change and systems thinking. It is an all-expenses paid fellowship to a custom designed, hands-on, leadership experience designed to make even the best of Alpha Kappa Psi more impactful, values-based leaders. 

Being successful in business takes hard work. It also takes a strong personal values system upon which one consistently acts. Learning how to be successful requires the same. Participants will learn how to become a more positive force in their organization and profession… a leader who makes a visible impact.

2022 Academy Fellows

  • Dylan Bushelle, Indiana ‘21
  • Muhammad Waleed Cheema, New Jersey Institute of Technology ‘21
  • Havillyn Felder, Howard ’21
  • Grishma Geedipally, Texas at Dallas ‘20
  • Jerome Gilmore, Illinois State ‘21
  • Nate Herkelman, Iowa ‘21
  • Muhammad Hassan Irshad, Texas Tech ‘21
  • Kevin Jose, Texas at Dallas ‘21
  • Zachary Murdzia, Western Washington ‘21
  • Madison O’Brien, Alabama ‘21
  • Demetris Papaloucas, Trinity ‘21
  • Keara Powers, Baylor ‘20
  • Santosh Ramesh, Oregon State ‘21
  • Ali Steger, Nebraska ‘20
  • Nabiha Syed, Delaware ‘21
  • Ryan von Fiedler, Central Washington ‘20

Additional Information


Students must have a 3.00 cumulative GPA or higher (on a 4.00 scale) to apply. No minimum time of membership is required, and acceptance as a program participant is contingent on full initiation prior to Academy dates.

Preference will be given to applicants who have at least one full year of student membership in AKPsi to complete after the 2023 Academy dates but any current pledge or student member in good standing as of the application deadline may apply.

Held at the Waycross Conference and Retreat Center, the Academy takes advantage of the tranquil setting of 410 acres of woods, hills and streams, allowing the participants to get away from the everyday distractions of life… making the program both productive and comfortable.

How is the Academy different from other AKPsi experiences?

The Academy is like no other Alpha Kappa Psi educational experience. It is an intimate, hands-on, challenging learning experience for the most committed Alpha Kappa Psi members. It is a unique program designed especially for those who demonstrate qualities of future business leaders. With an attendance cap of 20 in a remote location, a highly interactive experience is guaranteed. Through the generous support of Alpha Kappa Psi alumni and friends, the AKPsi Foundation provides an educational grant covering all expenses for those attending the three-day experience.

What should I expect?

  • An opportunity for active learners to share ideas, explore issues and offer insights to others.
  • An integrated curriculum in which diverse teaching techniques will meet the needs and styles of all participants.
  • An interactive experience in which each participant is not only a learner but also a teacher.
  • An alcohol and drug-free experience.

The Academy focuses on the concepts, skills, and values which leaders need to be effective in their role as principled business leaders. The program centers primarily on the individual rather than the organization. Interactive large group sessions are complemented by small group discussions led by Alpha Kappa Psi alumni and successful business leaders.

Academy participants will:

  • Clarify personal values and understand how to act with integrity
  • Understand leadership styles, strengths, and areas of development
  • Build an awareness of the influence of assumptions and bias in leadership
  • Understand the change process
  • Work in a team to apply knowledge
  • Reflect on experience and develop personal action steps
  • Strengthen relationships with other members

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to attend the Academy. The Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation will pay for tuition, airfare (airfare not to exceed lowest coach airfare from participant chapter location to Indianapolis), ground transportation, lodging, meals and supplies.

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