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“We were to form an organization which might find a great field of work in being
of mutual assistance to each other in future business life.” — Howard M. Jefferson, Founder


Through professional development, educational programs, community service and a hands-on application of formal education, Alpha Kappa Psi  students use the business skills they are taught in the classroom to acquire life skills such as the art of compromise, consensus building, project management, team building and networking.
Reach where you desire to go.
Members form meaningful, lifelong friendships with a multitude of people, from fellow students to local business leaders and faculty. The bonds of brotherhood unites members regardless of age, location and experience. The importance of social skills is emphasized with a variety of activities. As a result, a great deal of personal growth and satisfaction is achieved which carries well into the business world.
Be in the company of ambition.
Through teamwork, our members gain an understanding of the importance of service, develop an appreciation of diversity, and utilize critical thinking skills to overcome challenges and celebrate successes. The fraternity experience provides students with an ideal, non-threatening environment for establishing individual relationships while members work together to make the most out of their involvement in Alpha Kappa Psi. Teamwork is a valuable skill that ranks very high among recruiters.
Working together is success.
When you join Alpha Kappa Psi, you join an elite group of professionals who are committed to keeping their skills sharp and careers on track.  This is accomplished through professional programs at various levels. Fraternity programs include Principled Business Leadership Institute, The Academy, Case Competition and the College of Leadership. Members gain many valuable skills on the local level as they operate their chapters as "franchises” of Alpha Kappa Psi. Such professional development, when marketed to employers, will set you apart from your peers.
Don't just stand up, stand out.
Professional Development
Alpha Kappa Psi encourages each member to improve his or her campus and community. This, combined with chapter philanthropy and service projects, result in a level of service unmatched by other college organizations. Thousands of hours and dollars are contributed to worthy charities by Alpha Kappa Psi chapters each year—now that’s making a difference!
Work for a cause, not for applause.

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