Management Team

Established in 1995, the Management Team is a group of volunteers responsible
for managing the operations of the fraternity and oversees other volunteer positions.

The Management Team (MT), comprised of two elected officers (president and executive vice president), four area vice presidents and sixteen regional directors.

  • Corey Reddy
    Corey Reddy
    Fraternity President
  • De’Sean Keys
    De’Sean Keys
    Executive Vice President
  • James A. Fuller III
    James A. Fuller III
    Vice President for Area I
  • Jacob Drees
    Jacob Drees
    Vice President for Area II
  • Andrea Nemeth
    Andrea Nemeth
    Vice President for Area III
  • M.C. Moore
    M.C. Moore
    Vice President for Area IV
  • Shane M. Wakerling
    Shane M. Wakerling
    Central Pacific Regional Director
  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt
    Desert Southwest Regional Director
  • Sahil Maherali
    Sahil Maherali
    Northern Rio Grande Regional Director
  • Wendy A. Wendroff
    Wendy A. Wendroff
    Pacific Northwest Regional Director
  • Jennifer Hughes
    Jennifer Hughes
    Eastern Great Plains Regional Director
  • Scott D. Todd
    Scott D. Todd
    Western Great Plains Regional Director
  • Kimberly Lewis
    Kimberly Lewis
    Atlantic Gulf Coast Regional Director
  • Linwood Jones
    Linwood Jones
    Carolina Coastal Regional Director
  • Tim Veigle
    Tim Veigle
    Southern Bluegrass Regional Director
  • Clarence W. Seal
    Clarence W. Seal
    Southern Delta Regional Director
  • Amanda Belcher
    Amanda Belcher
    Fraternity Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Divya Achtani
    Divya Achtani
    Fraternity Manager of Programs

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