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Alpha Kappa Psi fosters friendships that change lives. What we call “brotherhood” is ever present in our life events — the birth of a child, a marriage, a notable professional milestone — events made more meaningful by friends to share them with. AKPsi members, from the day they become brothers to many decades after, foster an appreciation of AKPsi and a fondness for fellow brothers.

While brotherhood manifests itself in a multitude of ways, at its center is a sense of duty and respect for both the Fraternity and individual members. This extends to the business world, where AKPsi members apply the values of the fraternity into interactions in the broader world. Fairness, competition, and integrity guide us. AKPsi members are anchored by a sense of obligation to those around us and to leave things better than how we found them.


With a lead gift from Eileen and Scott Howell, the Howell + Wendroff Professional Center will provide Alpha Kappa Psi with a world-class, centrally located facility to host conferences, events, and leaders from around the globe.

With a more modern home for the Fraternity, AKPsi will enhance its programs and services to meet the needs of students, volunteers, and alumni.

Together, we embark on the next chapter in AKPsi’s history.


87% of companies say they have a skills gap, or expect to, within a few years.
Source: McKinsey & Company

68% of C-level executives believe their organizations have a skills gap.
Source: Wiley

50% of graduates didn’t apply to entry-level jobs because they felt underqualified.
Source: Cengage Group

AKPsi’s leadership development programming enables students to feel more confident meeting the needs of the workplace by focusing on the Commonwealth Leadership Alliance Core Six ™ educational program – a curriculum providing training in essential skills managers, executives, and entrepreneurs look for

Commonwealth Leadership® Alliance

Core Six™ skills

Decision Making
Financial Literacy
Innovative Thinking
Professional Communication
Relationship Building
Social Responsibility
These Core Six™ skills were identified by an AKPsi survey of more than 1,000 hiring managers and human resources professionals.


Expand the number of participants in current educational programs

Attract a wider network of experts for mentoring and coaching

Enable a multi-faceted media strategy to deliver content in more creative ways

Provide more economical options for attendees to participate in various programs


Alpha Kappa Psi has a strong history of comprehensive business education and leadership development. The Fraternity is committed to supporting and coaching chapter officers and members while keeping student fees low. With larger, modern facilities with the proper accommodations, AKPsi will be equipped and ready for training, programs, and gatherings. This will result in greater service to our members – both students and alumni.

Through the generosity of alumni and friends, AKPsi will establish a 200-person learning center and will expand current and future program opportunities for members. Thus, AKPsi will further establish its reputation as a trusted source for students, and current and future business leaders.

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The story of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity begins at New York University in 1904 with a group of eager, serious-minded students who drafted the Fraternity’s founding documents and hosted the first business meeting. Less than 20 years later, in 1923, AKPsi would become the first professional fraternity to have a headquarters facility.

The esoteric quality we call “Brotherhood” is of vital importance though difficult to define. Our members, from the day they become brothers until the end of their lives, foster a great love of the Fraternity and a fondness for brother members.

While brotherhood manifests itself in a multitude of ways, at its center is a sense of duty and respect for both the Fraternity and individual members. Since 1904, AKPsi has focused on building a community of business leaders. It is because of those initial connections made among the Brooklyn Four that AKPsi now boasts a community that is larger and better than ever before.


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In-person events in 2023


Building Brotherhood

“Brotherhood,” in every sense of the word, is of vital importance though difficult to define. From the day they become brothers until the end of their lives, foster a great love of the fraternity and a fondness for brother members. Our brotherhood, at its core, holds a sense of duty and respect for both the fraternity and individual members. Members anchored by the need to do what is in the best interest of the fraternity as a whole and are not swayed by individual self-interest.

High Ethical Standard

While the business world provides opportunities for success and advancement, our members will make decisions about how we succeed. The importance of making decisions and conducting business with both legal and ethical considerations, place our membersas role models through their consistently fair and ethical conduct.

Lifelong Learning

College is merely the beginning of business education. Our members share their knowledge and experiences openly with the peoplethey work with,regardless of rank or position. In addition, they seek out opportunities to share their real-world experience with brother members, and in doing so they enhance the lifelong learning of those members.

Improving Communities

Much is expected of those to whom much is given.Business professionals who seek to improve the communities in which they do business improve lives and develop goodwill. Our members actively give back to their communities through volunteer activities and monetary support

Enhancing the Fraternity for Life

College chapters serve as living laboratories for classroom concepts and professional conduct. In turn, lessons learned in the fraternity prepare members for success in the business world. Because they recognize the value and importance of our Fraternity, our members are united in their passionto build a legacy for the future.They support the fraternity through volunteer leadership and monetary gifts.

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Howell + Wendroff Professional Center

Renovation to expand learning opportunities for students and alumni.


Lifetime Learning

Endowment of programs such as Academy, College of Leadership, and professional certificates.


Brotherhood Unbounded

Access to professional and personal assessments, career planning, and mentoring and coaching.




Gifts Committed


Remaining Goal