Food Fit For The Princes with Neltonia and Jordan Prince

Check out today’s episode to learn more about blogging with Neltonia and Jordan Prince from @foodfitfortheprinces. They share homecooked recipes, restaurant hot spots, and product reviews through their Instagram blog. Learn how they grew this hobby into a brand with more than 10,000 followers. You’ll need a snack after this one!

Neltonia Prince is an East Carolina University alumna and member of the Eta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. Neltonia serves as the Triangle Section Director. She and her husband, Jordan Prince, started their blog Food Fit For The Princes in January of 2018. The blog was formed from Neltonia’s love of cooking and their love of eating and trying new foods. In their professional careers, the pair works for the City of Raleigh in the accounting department and Planning & Development.

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Following the Music with Stephanie and Kodi Hutchinson

Joining the podcast today are Chronograph Records co-founders Kodi and Stephanie Hutchinson. Chronograph is a boutique record label taking great pride in representing jazz, urban acoustic, and blues artists in Western Canada. Outside of running the label, Stephanie also works at Arts Commons, Canada’s third largest arts center, and Kodi spends times as a band leader and radio show host. Check out this episode to hear how their incredible story unfolds.

One of the most active musicians and arts managers in Western Canada, double bassist Kodi Hutchinson is a man who wears many hats. Described by those who know him as creative, introspective, and just a happy-go-lucky guy, Kodi started his career in jazz while attending the University of Calgary. He received his bachelor’s degree in 1995, but followed his true passion and jumped into play music full-time shortly thereafter. As well as running his own award-winning musical group the Hutchinson Andrew Trio, producing and hosting the provincial radio show “A Time For Jazz”, and leading boutique record label Chronograph Records, Kodi is a sought-after performer on the double and electric bass. Stephanie Hutchinson is the Vice President and co-founder of JUNO Award-winning independent label Chronograph Records. With more than 15 years of experience in the music industry, her skillset is comprised of label operations, artist management, grant writing, public relations, marketing strategy and execution, bookings and tour planning, finance, and business development. She has worked with artists such as Laila Biali, Poor Nameless Boy, PEAR, 100 mile house, as well as a jazz roster of 25+ artists. 

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Entrepreneurship: HG Insights with Tracy York

Join Desiree and Chrissy today to hear from Tracy York, co-founder and vice president of customer success for HG Insights, a company providing data-driven sales and marketing strategies. And this isn’t Tracy’s first jump into the startup world – his previous venture, NOZA, was acquired by Blackbaud in 2010. If you’re interested in following these footsteps, listen in for the best tips and tricks to get your idea off the ground.

Tracy York is a co-founder and vice president of customer success for HG Insights. HG Insights focuses on providing data driven insights to optimize sales and marketing strategies at some of the world’s leading technology companies. HG Insights has grown to over 100 employees since its founding in 2010 and has been through several funding rounds, most recently receiving a significant investment from private equity firm Riverwood Capital. Over his career, Tracy has held roles across disciplines ranging from engineering to product to customer success. Prior to founding HG Insights, Tracy worked for another startup NOZA building the world’s largest database of charitable donations. NOZA was acquired by Blackbaud in 2010 prior to the founding of HG Insights. Tracy is a former AKPsi chapter president from the Cal Poly chapter in San Luis Obispo, CA, where he studied computer engineering and minored in business. 

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We’re Better Together with Cynthia Todd

“And whatever you do, be your individual best.”
Take a joyful and refreshing glance into the corporate workforce on today’s episode with Cynthia Todd. After experiencing loss at a young age, Cynthia pushed forward to bring positivity and passion to every aspect of her life. Cynthia advocates for the importance of teamwork and caring for each individual in order to achieve your common goal.

Cynthia Todd graduated from Calera High School as a Valedictorian scholar. In 1988, she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in business management from the University of Montevallo. Cynthia further matriculated at Birmingham-Southern College where she received a master’s degree in public and private management. Cynthia is a proven business management professional with over 30 years of experience and a track record of consistent promotions and increasing responsibilities in the areas of customer service, claims and benefit administration, performance management, business analysis, process improvement, project management, and training and development. Currently, Cynthia is employed at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama as an operations manager. Moreover, Cynthia gives back to the community. She serves on several boards and organizations such as: president of the University of Montevallo National Alumni Association and Board of Directors for The Literacy Council of Central Alabama. She is a graduate of Project Corporate Leadership and has served as a Loaned Executive for the United Way of Central Alabama where she received the Crawford T. Johnson Loaned Executive of the Year Award.   

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Pursuing the Classics with Chris Mulvihill

“Don’t look at a job as being beneath you or something you can’t do.”
Networking and job hunting pre-internet; could you do it? Chris Mulvihill did, and worked for Fortune 5 companies throughout his entire career, all while developing his passion project at Classic Car Advisors. Chris tells us about his life motto, the importance of grit, and so much more. Connect with Chris at

Chris Mulvihill worked his way through the Indiana University School of Business and graduated in May 1983. He held sales and marketing positions with Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, Cummins Engine, Visa, and is currently with American Express. For several years he was an IU School of Business guest lecturer on brand building and product pull-through strategies. In his spare time, he enjoys working on and showing his classic cars.   

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