Pursuing the Classics

“Don’t look at a job as being beneath you or something you can’t do.”
Networking and job hunting pre-internet; could you do it? Chris Mulvihill did, and worked for Fortune 5 companies throughout his entire career, all while developing his passion project at Classic Car Advisors. Chris tells us about his life motto, the importance of grit, and so much more. Connect with Chris at chris@classiccaradvisors.com.

Chris Mulvihill worked his way through the Indiana University School of Business and graduated in May 1983. He held sales and marketing positions with Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, Cummins Engine, Visa, and is currently with American Express. For several years he was an IU School of Business guest lecturer on brand building and product pull-through strategies. In his spare time, he enjoys working on and showing his classic cars.   

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Coaches, Athletes, Donors…Oh My!

We’ve always heard from collegiate athletes, but what about the coaches? Mary Ellen Gillespie joins the show this morning to talk all things sports. Moving from an athlete, to athletic director, to deputy director of the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association, she’s seen athletics from all sides. Now, she turns her focus to the coaches to best support their education and development as leaders. Connect with Mary Ellen at meg@wbca.org.

Mary Ellen Gillespie was named the Deputy Director of the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association in January 2020. She comes to the WBCA from the University of Hartford where she served as Director of Athletics. Prior to Hartford, Gillespie enjoyed a successful tenure as the Director of Athletics at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Under her guidance, the department saw strong growth in both leadership and revenue generation. Academic success and student-athlete development flourished during her time at UWGB, while the department achieved outstanding accomplishments in the competitive arena. Gillespie, a native of Sayville, NY, holds a bachelor’s degree in speech communication and a master’s in counseling-student affairs practice from SUNY Plattsburgh where she is also a Distinguished Alumna. She also has a certificate in fundraising management from the Indiana University Fund Raising School. 

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Life of a Digital Nomad

Interested in travelling full-time? Tune in to hear Chris ‘Tarzan’ Clemens tell us about his decision to leave behind the corporate world and start an adventure across the world. All he needs is a car and stable internet connection to make this nomad lifestyle a reality.

Chris ‘Tarzan’ Clemens (not his actual middle name) grew up in rural Indiana and graduated from Ball State University, where he was president of the AKPsi chapter. Later, he moved to Southern California to sell cheesecake cutting machines until 2012 when he quit his job to hike the Appalachian Trail. Upon returning to California, Clemens became the youngest president of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara, moved into his car, and lived on the street while working in a fast-growing tech startup. In 2015, he quit his job, secured a freelance marketing client, and hit the road to travel fulltime. 

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Out on the Farm

Join us for a fun trip out to the farm with Emily Stewart! Emily, creator of Dirt Darlin’, joins the podcast to tell us how the time on her family’s farm in Bargersville, Indiana, gave her the skills and values she needed to build a multi-faceted company. Dirt Darlin’ includes a homegrown market, boutique, and photography.

Hey there, I’m Emily Stewart! The Dirt Darlin’ brand has many faces but all boils down to our tag line “Grow Where You Are Planted.” The brand has grown over the years encompassing my photography business, to “The Pantry” that sells our yummy homegrown goodies, to the small town boutique to shop the styles of our local artist and stylist. I’m just a farm girl who can’t sit still and believes in my community! When I’m not photographing your wedding or crafting new recipes for salsa and jam, I love chilling with my corgies Rhett and Stella, hunting and riding razors with my boyfriend Brandon, Jeeping with my family, and jamming out to ANY music or podcasts.

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