Business Success Through Servant Leadership

Being a servant leader is a conscious choice that stems from a natural desire to serve. The best test of a servant leader’s effectiveness is how much the people they are leading grow and develop thanks to their presence. It’s easy to focus conversations about servant leadership on the actions of individuals, but this principle can be applied on a macro level with just as many benefits. Here are examples of businesses that continue to achieve success through applied servant leadership on an organizational level.

The True Meaning of Confidence


You might be interested to learn that the word “confidence” was used to mean confidence in others before it was used to describe an individual’s attitude toward themselves. In the early 1400s, to have “confidence” was to believe someone else was capable or trustworthy. It wasn’t until the 1550s, during the Renaissance, that a reliance on one’s own powers became a meaning of “confident.” Today, we understand that personal confidence is extremely important, but that it also must be justified to be useful and healthy. Here are some basics about confidence in three of life’s key areas and how to grow it in each.

What Office Supplies Increase Productivity?


If you take a look around your office, what do you see? Now imagine an office that has all the tools you need to maximize organization and efficiency. What does that office look like? Everyone knows that you need pens, staplers, and desks in an office, but there are quite a few tools out there that can help you get organized at work. Simply Orderly states that you can boost time management by 38 percent by using the correct organizational tools. Check out this list of office supplies that will help with organization as well as tools that can boost productivity during the workday.

Maximize Your Trip With These Travel Organization Hacks


Whether for work or vacation, there’s always something liberating about heading out into the world to travel. However, if you’re not staying organized while on the road, it can quickly make things feel like a burden and limit your ability to maximize the fun during your trip. Maybe it’s the overstuffed bag, or an unfinished to-do list left back at home; whatever the reason, a lack of preparation can ruin a trip before it even begins. With a little bit of foresight, you can avoid feeling out of sorts and spend time focused on your new surroundings. Before you board that plane or hit the highways, check out these tips to stay organized while traveling and maximize the fun!

The Master’s Sales Secrets

44 Strategies for Achieving Sensational Sales Success


Richard V. Battle, University of Texas at Austin ’70 – life, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, has published his fourth book: The Master’s Sales Secrets 44 Strategies for Achieving Sensational Sales Success.

Practical, concise, and easy to read, The Master’s Sales Secrets includes topics that will benefit the reader the day they are read. Tips, examples, and appendices are included to benefit a range of readers from the newest to the most experienced sales reps.

Richard V. Battle has over 40 years of successful sales and business experience in selling disruptive technology solutions in B2B markets. Using his skills and knowledge to pave the way for others, Battle has spent 30 years training field and inside sales reps for the corporations he represented. Recognized by the Junior Chamber of Commerce International as “The Outstanding Local Chapter President in the World” in 1984, Battle has authored three successful books before publishing The Master’s Sales Secrets Including:

  • The Volunteer Handbook: How to Organize and Manage a Successful Organization.
  • Surviving Grief By God’s Grace
  • The Four Letter Word That Builds Character

Purchase your copy of The Master’s Sales Secrets 44 Strategies for Achieving Sensational Sales Success today.