Staying in Touch: Graduating Members

It’s that time of the year; saying congratulations and goodbye (but not forever) to graduating members. The connections that have been forged through Alpha Kappa Psi are everlasting. Walking across the stage to receive that hard earned diploma, starting a career or going on to pursue a graduate or professional degree; it’s all very exciting, but you shouldn’t lose connections in the process.

The Legacy of September 11th

INDIANAPOLIS (September 9, 2016) – On September 11th, exactly 15 years ago, a fateful day struck New York City that resonated around the world. Many lives were lost during the attacks, including three members of Alpha Kappa Psi: Thomas E. Burnett, Minnesota ’85Jayceryll M. de Chavez, Rutgers ’98-Life and David H. Winton, Fordham ’91. These members, though from separate chapters and different walks of life, are remembered every year as their legacy continues.