Wearing Letters - Alpha Kappa Psi

You Are Always Wearing Your Letters

“You are always wearing your letters” is something all members should take to heart. It’s not saying members are always wearing a t-shirt or hat with “AKPsi” displayed. This phrase references how Alpha Kappa Psi is represented through any actions said or done. Anything and everything (both the good and the bad) represents a chapter, other members, and the fraternity as a whole; especially during the summer.

Celebrating Heritage Center Staff Service

At Alpha Kappa Psi, the staff are the backbone that keeps the fraternity moving forward on a daily basis. AKPsi believes that each 5-year milestone in an employee’s career is the perfect occasion to stop and reflect on their contributions and to say thank you. This year, Brian Parker, Cathy Cole, Jennifer Adamany and Melinda Rosenthall will reach significant milestone years on staff.