Founding Member Spotlight – 5 Questions with Awais Qazi

Colonizing in November and installing as a chapter in April is no small task, but with passionate leadership from Awais Qazi, the Chi Zeta Chapter at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) did just that. Awais led the colony as president from their beginning and saw them through to installation. Awais graduated from NJIT on May 16 with a B.S. in Business and was selected as the gonfalon carrier for the Martin Tuchman School of Management (see image below) for commencement. Now an alumnus, he is excited to see how the chapter will grow and how he can give back to Alpha Kappa Psi.

Alpha Kappa Psi Announces Fraternity Board of Directors Appointments

Richard V. Battle, Texas ’70-Life, Nancy A. Ghizzone, Iowa ’89-Life, and Alexander T. Sultan, San Diego State ’93-Life have been appointed to the Fraternity Board of Directors. A call for nominations earlier in the calendar year culminated in an election among the Chapter Congress. The newly appointed directors’ three year term will commence at the conclusion of Convention in Las Vegas. At that time, Scott R. Stampflmeier, Toledo ’98-Life will also be stepping down as a member of the Board of Directors.

The Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation Announces 2017 Academy Fellows

From June 24-27, twenty student members will attend an intensive leadership retreat designed to make even the best of Alpha Kappa Psi more impactful, value-based leaders. Through the generous support of Alpha Kappa Psi alumni and friends, the AKPsi Foundation pays all expenses for those attending the experience.

The Academy was created in 2001 to provide participants with a solid grounding in self-awareness, leadership skills, teamwork, and a new perspective on change and systems thinking. Held at the Waycross Conference and Retreat Center, The Academy takes advantage of the tranquil setting of 410 acres of woods, hills and streams, allowing the participants to get away from the everyday distractions of life; making the program both productive and comfortable.

The Academy focuses on the concepts, skills, and values which leaders need to be effective in their roles as chapter and business leaders. The program centers primarily on the individual rather than the organization. Interactive large group sessions are complemented by small group discussions led by Alpha Kappa Psi alumni and successful business leaders.

Congratulations to the 2017 Academy Fellows:

Benjamin J. Baker, Texas-Dallas ’16

Ashley Blunk, Nebraska-Lincoln ’15

Samuel L. Brewster, Jacksonville ’15

Dalton Chu, Johns Hopkins ’16

Madeline E. Curry, Wyoming ’13

Megan Deschaine, Willam Paterson ’16

Cassandra Diaz, High Point ’15

Harsha Emani, Drexel ’14

Patrick A. Gaydos, Pittsburgh-Johnstown ’15

Alyce Ge, Columbia ’14

Alexandra Goodnough, Syracuse ’15

Emily Hammer, Iowa State ’16

Isaiah Henderson, Eastern Washington ’16

Klara Klarowicz, Queen Mary ’15

Sabrina P. Leeds, Tulane ’15

Deanna Leung, Bentley ’15

Ian P. Morrison, Mississippi ’14

Noah Rischitelli, Arizona State ’15

Tyler M. Werland, Texas-San Anotonio ’16

Keyanna Williams, Towson ’16

Cal Poly Pomona Colony Installs as Chi Epsilon Chapter

On May 6, the colony at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona installed as the Chi Epsilon Chapter with 35 newly initiated members; six additional students are to be initiated at a later date by the chapter.

The group began as a discussion between five students at Cal Poly Pomona in early 2016. The five students recognized the lack of a professional business fraternity on campus and wanted a way to connect the different colleges to create a network of knowledge. Led by then colony president Henry Chen, 10 students colonized in September 2016. During their colonization period, the chapter put on various professional, social, and service events. For one of their community service events, a group of 20 students volunteered for the Brea 8K Run in support of a local high school’s programs. During one of their social events, colonists held a bonfire where they were able to get to know and understand one another in a relaxed environment. “An important component of the bonfire was also to set up an environment where everyone can talk about themselves deeply and what motivates them as individuals,” said the chapter. “At the bonfire, several of us shared items that were very important to ourselves such as why we want to make money or the reasons for waking up every day doing what they do. The event truly allowed everyone to better understand each other on a deeper level.”

In a letter of support for chartering, Colony Advisor Christopher Chen, UC Riverside ’08-Life expressed his enthusiasm with their progress and readiness to become a chapter. “It has been a great pleasure to have provided my knowledge and guidance to the colonists of the Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity at Cal Poly Pomona. From my interactions and communications with the colony executive board, it is evident that they have internalized and practice the five core values of Alpha Kappa Psi. Furthermore, they have created a strong foundation on which a thriving chapter may be built and maintained.”

Get to Know the Heritage Center Support Staff

The support staff at the Heritage Center keep the fraternity working smoothly every day. These are the welcoming faces when entering the Heritage Center, the voices that answer every phone call, and the people who assist chapters with financial issues, membership questions, and MarketPlace orders (along with many more duties). AKPsi took some time to ask them a few fun questions so everyone can get to know these amazing staff members a little better.