AKPsi Trio Dives into ABC’s Shark Tank

Why buy the whole book, when all you need is one chapter?  Remember the days when you would have to buy a whole CD (album, 8-track, tape?) just to own one great song that we heard on the radio?  Then came iTunes and everything changed.  Soon, we were able to just buy the song we wanted without the commitment, financial and otherwise, to buying the whole CD.

Chairman Announces a New Chapter Services Structure

Dear brothers,

In 2012, AKPsi created a task force to identify opportunities for organizational improvement, particularly to address the significant growth in student initiates, student members and student chapters over the last ten years. Our organizational structure had not changed for several decades and is now inadequate to support our exploding growth. The task force designed a solution to ensure we continue to provide outstanding services and advice to our current members and to allow for future growth.