Top 5 Tips for Using a Planner

The end of a year means the beginning of a new one, a chance to start things fresh. For many people, that means getting organized. According to a study done by marketing company iQuanti, “Get Organized” was the second most searched resolution, clocking in at over 33 million hits between the months of January and October. While there are plenty of options to get organized, one of the most effective ways is to use a planner. Not only can it help you check off your to-do list, but it can also keep you ready for new tasks coming your way. If you’re new to using a planner and want to get the most out of it, check out these tips.

Why is Organization Important?

A recent global study by the International Labour Office found that American workers are on the job longer than any other industrialized nation. The Business Insider reports that the United States is the fourth most technologically advanced country in the world. So, why are Americans working so much? A lot of that relates to organization. Simply being more organized can lower the amount of time spent at work, which will leave you more time to be with your friends and family, where organizational skills are just as important. Let’s look at some facts and statistics to see how organization affects your time spent at work, with friends, and family.