Announcing New Regional Director Appointment

Robert G. Francis, Virginia Tech ’09-Life

Rob was initiated into the Beta Xi Chapter at Virginia Tech in 2009. He graduated in 2011 with a B.S. in Finance and B.S. in Economics. During his time as a student brother, he served on the executive board as the chapter Treasurer. After graduation, Rob began volunteering right away with the Mideast region (now Central Atlantic) and has served in multiple volunteer roles including regional manager of membership, chapter advisor, and section director. Most recently Rob served the Central Atlantic region as regional manager of finance in addition to working with the Management Team on task forces to revise the collegiate minimum standards and to standardize the regional budgeting process. Rob is a member of the Fraternity Ritual Team and a founding member of the Virginia Tech Alumni Chapter.

Professionally, Rob is a Vice President at BB&T Bank where he serves as a Business Intelligence Analyst focusing on data advocacy for commercial lending. Rob resides in his hometown Ellicott City, MD but can often be found out and about for trivia or traveling with his Beta Xi brothers.

“I’m excited for this new opportunity to give back what Alpha Kappa Psi has given me these many years. The students and volunteers have always inspired me to be my best and step up to the challenge; I hope to provide that same inspiration to current students, volunteers, and alumni in the Central Atlantic Region.”

The regional director is charged with working closely with the chapter educational resource coordinator, regional volunteers, and the vice president to ensure a quality student experience. Through the support of effective chapter operations and the learning and development initiatives of the fraternity, the regional director has a lasting impact on the professional and personal growth of Alpha Kappa Psi students and volunteers.

Alpha Kappa Psi’s Fraternity Managers: Leading Program and Process Integration

Since the 2017 Convention in Las Vegas, there have been several changes to the Fraternity Management Team (MT), but perhaps the most unique is the creation of the “Fraternity Manager” role.  Fraternity Managers (FM) are responsible for delivery of strategic and tactical programs and functions on behalf of the entire fraternity which provides a value-add to students, alumni, volunteers, and staff.   FMs serve in a similar role as Vice Presidents (VP) in regard to program management but are aligned 100% to strategic delivery of programs whereas VPs split their efforts with managing their respective Areas and Regional Directors.  The FM position is analogous to the Regional Manager position working with the 16 Regional Directors.

Since the creation of the role, there have been four individuals appointed as FMs.  Lea Goodwin was the first FM in AKPsi (FM for Integration & Innovation) and has since been appointed as the Southern Delta Regional Director. 

The current FMs on the Management Team are:

Alexander Hambleton, Lock Haven ’02-Life

Fraternity Manager for Strategic Operational Planning

Alex is responsible for long-term planning, Management Team governance, and coordinating strategic input from students, volunteers, and alumni, including leading the Strategic Advisory Councils.  When asked about his priorities for the role, Alex said: “the main thing I hope to achieve in this role is to help the Fraternity adapt to a changing cultural landscape and to set it up for long-term success in the future.”  Alex’s 11+ years as an AKPsi volunteer, professional experience in software project management, and academic rigor honed in earning an M.A. in Philosophy will all be key in his ability to succeed.  Alex lives in Pennsylvania.  





Alyssa Goldstein, Penn State ’06-Life

Fraternity Manager for Operations & Resource Management

Alyssa leads the Management Team’s efforts to implement and deliver integrated programs and resources to the 220+ student chapters and transform the way we recruit, develop, and distribute our volunteer workforce across the organization.  Alyssa, a former Eastern Great Lakes Regional Director and Heritage Center staff member, said her “goal is to build processes and programs that free up time spent on regional and chapter management so that volunteers and students can instead focus on educational programming and developing principled business leaders.”





Kushaan Shah, Maryland ’12-Life

Fraternity Manager for Strategic Communications & Engagement

Kushaan’s role as the FM-Strategic Communications & Engagement is to help spread the word not just about what AKPsi is, but what it can offer, to our members and the outside world, while providing opportunities to increase engagement and collaboration among the nearly 14,000 student members and 250,000+ AKPsi alumni.  “…my goal is to leverage AKPsi’s biggest asset, its members, to better understand what motivates our highly-involved members, help create new opportunities for current brothers to engage the rest of the brotherhood, and create more actionable ways members of all engagement levels can contribute to the strength and spirit of this Fraternity.”

Mike Dickson Takes Leave After Decade of Service

After serving Alpha Kappa Psi in various volunteer roles since 2009, Mike Dickson will step down Sept. 13 at the end of his year-long term as the Vice President of Chapter Development and Operations and Area III. Jane Azzinaro, current Central Atlantic Regional Director, will take over the role of vice president effective Sept. 14.

Celebrating over 20 Years of Service


Alpha Kappa Psi celebrates Darin F. Schuld, Saint Louis ’94 – Life for his years of service and dedication to the fraternity. As the outgoing Eastern Great Plains Regional Director, Darin reflects on the impact he’s made, the relationships he’s developed, and where he sees his future within Alpha Kappa Psi.