5 Easy Ways to Stay Connected as an Alum

INDIANAPOLIS (May 27, 2016) — Staying involved with Alpha Kappa Psi doesn’t have to end after graduation. Not only can alumni benefit from remaining involved with their organizations, but also give back in many ways to the students still in college. When alumni stay connected, they help invest in not only the collegiate chapters but also themselves.

But when you move to the next phase of your life and you’re no longer on campus going to chapter meetings and events, how can you remain involved with Alpha Kappa Psi? Here are five easy ways to stay active as an alumni member:

The Ins and Outs of a Smart Interviewer

INDIANAPOLIS (March 24, 2016) – There are many articles, courses and lectures on being an interviewee, but the latest issue of the Diary will show you how to be the best interviewer possible.

Whether you have conducted hundreds of interviews in your lifetime or you are about to begin your first, your aim is to get the right person for the job. Two articles in the Dairy are specific to honing interviewing skills and becoming acquainted to the warning signs, “Smart Interviewing: Getting the Right Person” and “Crucial Signs You Should Take a Pass on a Job Interviewee”.