Awards Catalog

This awards catalog provides recognition opportunities for those individuals who demonstrate outstanding service to Alpha Kappa Psi. These awards spotlight the accomplishments of student/alumni members and non-members while spreading good will throughout the chapter, university and community.

Depending on the award, criteria and application deadlines may vary. Chapters are encouraged to plan ahead so they can fully take advantage of these valuable recognition opportunities.

Does your chapter have a recognition program? If not, below are suggestions to help your chapter get started:

  • Have a committee within the chapter responsible for awards (either an awards or executive committee).
  • Recognize members for different activities, especially those that re-enforce the vision and core values of AKPsi.
  • Recognize the recipient of awards in a setting in front of the chapter (at a meeting, banquet, or event) or faculty/alumni if it is for a faculty/alumni member.
  • Ensure that the entire chapter is educated on the criteria for each award.
  • Present at least a certificate for each award; if monetarily possible provide a gift with each award (such as a plaque, an AKPsi trinket, inspirational book, gift certificate, etc.).

Current Award Winners

Virtual Award Winners

  • Recruitment Campaign: Oregon- Kappa
  • Service: Emory- Alpha Chi
  • Brotherhood: Northeastern- Chi Sigma
  • Fundraising: Delaware- Omega Alpha
  • Professional Development: Emory- Alpha Chi
  • Alumni Engagement: Case Western Reserve- Omicron Chi

2019-20 Outstanding Chapter Programming Awards

  • Brotherhood (Collegiate): Hofstra- Mu Psi
  • Integrity (Collegiate): Tennessee Tech- Zeta Upsilon
  • Knowledge (Collegiate): Northeastern- Chi Sigma
  • Service (Collegiate): Elon- Mu Pi
  • Unity (Collegiate): Santa Clara- Psi Omega

2019-20 Outstanding Chapter Leader Awards

  • Brotherhood (Collegiate): Arielle Jordan (George Washington- Beta Mu)
  • Brotherhood (Alumnus): Ian Morrison​ (Mississippi)
  • Integrity (Collegiate): Daivi Patel​ (Georgia Tech​- Epsilon Sigma)
  • Integrity (Alumnus): Jake Chapman​ (Loyola-New Orleans)
  • Knowledge (Collegiate): Shelley Ling​ (Georgia Tech-Epsilon Sigma)​
  • Service (Collegiate): Anushka Purohit​ (HKUST- Chi Phi)
  • Unity (Collegiate): Sayali Punyarthi (Georgia Tech-Epsilon Sigma)​

2019-20 Outstanding Volunteer Leader Awards

  • Advisor of the Year: Barbara Larson (Northeastern- Chi Sigma)
  • Section Director of the Year: Jean-Francois Lappas​ (Northern Atlantic)
  • Regional Manager of the Year: Corey Reddy (Atlantic Gulf Coast/Atlantic Metro)