Distinguished Service Award

To this day, the Distinguished Service Award is the most prestigious award conferred upon members.

Since its establishment at the Chicago Convention of 1933, the Distinguished Service Award has been bestowed upon members in “recognition of meritorious service performed by members to their chapters and to the Fraternity.”  Today, to be recognized with a DSA, a member in good standing must have performed praiseworthy service to a chapter, region, Alpha Kappa Psi, or the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation.  There are three levels of the Distinguished Service Award: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each level is awarded based on membership status and level of service.

DSA recipients receive a special certificate and fraternity jewelry coordinated with the level and degree of the award. The design of the jewelry is in the form of the official coat of arms, behind which appears a torch and sword, crosswise, exemplifying the virtues of leadership and courage.





The Bronze Distinguished Service Award is awarded to members with significant service to Alpha Kappa Psi, a region, or a chapter as a student member. The Bronze DSA can be conferred upon a student up to two (2) times, 1st degree, and 2nd degree.

Some facts about the Bronze DSA are:

    • Bronze DSA recipients may only be student members or an alumni up to one (1) year after their graduation.
    • Members may receive the award a second time (2nd degree), however, there must be at least one (1) year between the 1st degree and 2nd degree presentations.
    • Bronze DSAs can be presented throughout the year.
    • All 1st degree Bronze DSAs require approval by a collegiate chapter or chapter executive board.
    • All 2nd  degree Bronze DSAs require additional approval by the chapter advisor.
    • Collegiate chapters may only present two (2) Bronze DSAs each fiscal year.

The Silver Distinguished Service Award is awarded to an alumnus, faculty, or honorary member. The Silver DSA can be conferred to a recipient up to three (3) times, 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd degree.

Some facts about the Silver DSA are:

    • Silver DSAs can be presented throughout the year.
    • All 1st degree Silver DSAs require approval by a regional director, the fraternity president, or the fraternity chair of the Board of Directors.
    • All 2nd and 3rd degree Silver DSAs require approval of the fraternity’s president or chair of the Board of Directors.
    • Collegiate and alumni chapters may only present two (2) Silver DSAs each fiscal year.

The Gold Distinguished Service Award is bestowed upon members who have demonstrated extensive service to Alpha Kappa Psi through fraternity-wide impact. This award is the highest honor conferred upon members of AKPsi.

Some facts about the Gold DSA are:

    • Currently, there are only 53 members in Alpha Kappa Psi who have received a Gold DSA.
    • A Gold DSA is only awarded once every two (2) years at the Convention Grand Banquet.
    • Gold DSAs may only be awarded to members upon unanimous approval of the Fraternity Board of Directors.
    • Only a member of the Fraternity Board of Directors may nominate a member for the Gold DSA, however, any individual may submit a recommendation.
    • Recipients should be recognized with a Distinguished Service Award – Silver at least two (2) years prior to receiving a Gold DSA.

A complete list of Gold DSA recipients can be viewed below.

These members have been bestowed with the Fraternity’s highest honor, the Gold Distinguished Service Award.

      • Everett W. Lord, Boston ’21-Faculty/Life (1941)*
      • Frederic R. Leach, New York ’04-Life (1941)*
      • A.W. T. Ogilvie, Northwestern ’12-Life (1942)*
      • Clem W. Collins, Denver ’10-Life (1942)*
      • John B. Nicklas, Pittsburgh ’22-Life (1942)*
      • Paul H. Hudson, New York ’04-Life (1942)*
      • William J. Thompson, Denver ’12-Life (1944)*
      • William J. Luby, Northwestern ’20-Life (1947)*
      • Roy B. Kester, Denver ’10-Life (1947)*
      • Fae W. Cosner, Northwestern ’17-Life (1947)*
      • Ralph E. Kimball, Pittsburgh ’21-Life (1947)*
      • John D. Sparks, Georgia State ’23-Life (1950)*
      • Clifford D. Spangler, Nebraska ’20-Life (1950)*
      • O. Arthur Kirkman, Virginia ’22-Life (1950)*
      • Raymond G. Woolever, Minnesota ’24-Life (1953)*
      • Herbert M. Wright, New York ’04-Life (1953)*
      • George L. Bergen, New York ’04-Life (1953)*
      • Robert S. Douglas, New York ’04-Life (1953)*
      • Howard M. Jefferson, New York ’04-Life (1953)*
      • Nathan Lane Jr., New York ’04-Life (1953)*
      • Endicott A. Batchelder, Pittsburgh ’28-Life (1956)*
      • Edward G. Erikson, Minnesota ’30-Life (1956)*
      • L. Russell Jordan, North Carolina-Chapel Hill ’50-Life (1962)*
      • Morley C. Townsend, Buffalo ’36-Life (1962)*
      • Oliver M. Chatburn, Southern California ’29-Life (1962)*
      • Wayne E. Shroyer, Denver ’30-Life (1963)*
      • William C. Himstreet, Southern California ’54-Life (1965)*
      • C. Frederick Harley, Washington ’28-Life (1965)*
      • William. F. Weinheimer, Pittsburgh ’41-Life (1968)*
      • John D. Cahill, Buffalo ’52-Life (1971)
      • Julius M. Lennard Jr., Georgia State ’34-Life (1975)*
      • Richard H. Rais, Detroit-Evening ’58-Life (1979)*
      • Arnold L. Stengel, Southern California ’60-Life (1979)*
      • J. Mark Miller, West Georgia ’70-Faculty/Life (1983)*
      • Robert W. Bell, Arkansas ’57-Faculty/Life (1985)*
      • Thomas J. Bastasz, St. Thomas ’57-Life (1989)
      • Allen J. Simonson, Upsala College ’64-Faculty/Life (1991)*
      • Theodore G. Ehrsam, New York ’53-Faculty/Life (1993)*
      • Frank J. Brye, Western Michigan ’60-Life (1993)*
      • William D. Reeves, Georgia State ’59-Life (1998)
      • J. Elliot Cunningham, Texas State-San Marcos ’76-Life (1999)
      • Carol R. Carter, Gustavus Adolphus College ’76-Life (2001)
      • Wayne R. Miller, Florida ’83-Life (2003)
      • Robert A. Spansky, Detroit-Day Division ’62-Life (2005)*
      • Kenneth B. Hastey, Saint Louis ’76-Life (2005)
      • Wendy A. Wendroff, Tri-State ’80-Life (2007)
      • Robert A. Davenport, Old Dominion ’86-Life (2011)
      • David P. Wendroff, Portland ’79-Life (2013)
      • Eileen L. Howell, Wisconsin-Milwaukee ’78-Life (2013)
      • Paul J. Brinker, Cincinnati ’84-Life (2015)
      • Robert E. Richardson, Iowa ’76-Life (2017)
      • Pamela L. Richardson, Drake ’81-Life (2017)
      • Gary L. Epperson, Hoosier Alumni ’92-Honorary/Life (2019)
      • William G. Callarman, West Texas A&M ’62-Life (2022)
      • M.C. Moore, Virginia Tech ’86-Life (2022)

*Audit Eternal (deceased)

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