Risk Reduction

The Risk Reduction Program provides ongoing strategies to prevent and mitigate risky behaviors through
four modules: General Prevention, Alcohol, Hazing, and Courageous Leadership.

Risk reduction doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

It means having fun in a safe and productive manner while planning events with your eyes wide open. The purpose is not to cripple an organization, but rather to give it strength. Mitigating risk provides ongoing opportunities for organizational proficiency, authenticity, and enhancement. It’s imperative to create a culture that proactively identifies and reduces risk.

Case Studies

Simulated situations dealing with challenges, without facing the normal consequences.

Call to Action

It is more than just developing a strategy, it’s also about taking action.


Understand the detrimental effects of not having a prevention strategy.


Gather the tools to help with developing an effective prevention strategy.

View additional risk reduction resources.