January 9-10, 2021


About the Presidents Academy

Chapter Presidents need to continually learn and through a variety of methods. We’ve moved our Presidents Academy to a virtual format using Zoom. It will still be a fast-paced learning environment with large and small group discussions. You’ll have the opportunity to network with peers and alumni in this timely and focused event.

The President’s Academy is an educational leadership experience designed to provide chapter presidents with a concentrated deep dive into serving others, self-awareness, chapter operations, understanding vision, and how to create a chapter success plan. Through focused discussion on Birkman Method Assessment content and using a servant leadership lens, participants are able to focus on member retention, teamwork, conflict resolution, and compromise. This experience will seek to provide participants with the necessary tools to coach those they lead and to create and sustain a chapter success plan which will lead to increased member engagement and retention.


Must be a collegiate chapter president or president-elect.*

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Additional Information

Takeaways, Accommodations and Expenses

Which positive attributes can I acquire?

  • Challenger
  • Effective communicator and listener
  • Manage internal conflict
  • Motivator
  • Represent the chapter
  • Represent needs and wants of the chapter and help meet those

What is gained by attending?

  • Construct a path for approaching difficult situations
  • Demonstrate responsible decision-making and personal accountability
  • Demonstrate the ability to coach others
  • Describe servant leadership as an approach to chapter operations
  • Develop a fraternal network
  • Develop professional and leadership skills
  • Facilitate the development of a chapter success plan
  • Implement a feedback model
  • Practice a commitment to servant leadership


This event is limited to those individuals who are starting their president role in 2021.

Dress Code

Smart Casual. Remember, while this may be a virtual educational event, you’re still representing yourself, your chapter, and the organization.

Which expenses are covered with registration?

  • Virtual Event Registration
  • Participant materials
  • Access to the Birkman Method Assessment Report Set
  • Access to Small Group Facilitators and various Alumni

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