Road to Brotherhood

Road to Brotherhood is a comprehensive guide that follows the life-cycle of a member through four distinct phases: prospective, pledge, student and alumni.

Securing the Future.

This section focuses on the marketing efforts and recruiting techniques used by a chapter. It will help the chapter identify its target market for an ideal new member class. Once this market is defined, it details how to create challenging yet attainable membership goals. This section will guide the chapter step by step with successful recruitment ideas, bid delivery, and evaluation throughout the entire recruitment process.

Pursuit of Brotherhood.

This section deals primarily with the pledge process and the ability of the chapter to educate Alpha Kappa Psi prospective members in all areas of the fraternity. In short, this section is a step-by-step set of guidelines for an effective and powerful pledge program from designing valuable pledge programming and education to ensuring correct rituals, evaluation, discipline, and new brother orientation.

Fostering the Commitment.

This section will provide the direction and guidance necessary for a chapter to further develop and grow its student members, maintain loyalty of its graduating seniors, and make the most valuable use of the brotherhood experience. Effective student chapter structure and policy, committees, executive offices, building unity, and team work.

Affirmation of Passage.

This section will help chapters to establish an effective alumni program. It will point out the steps necessary to educate graduating members on their responsibilities and expectations as alumni. Several techniques will be discussed on how to maintain a positive and continuous relationship with the chapter’s alumni base including alumni orientation, responsibilities of alumni brothers, benefits of becoming an active alum, and chapter/alumni interaction.