Alexander Sultan and Michael Dickerson Elected by 58th Chapter Congress

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA – During the 2015 Convention, the 58th Chapter Congress, consisting of one delegate from each student and alumni chapter in good standing, held elections for fraternity president and executive vice president. Kerri Dickson, Washington State ’04-Life did not run for re-election; stepping down from her position as executive vice president and receiving the outgoing executive vice president medal.

58th Chapter Congress Adopts Legislative Changes

INDIANAPOLIS – Several changes to the fraternity’s Constitution and Statutory Code were made during the 2015 Convention. The changes were made by the Chapter Congress which consists of one delegate from each student and alumni chapter in good standing. An updated version of the Constitution and Chapter Bylaws will be available by October 31; however, the changes summarized below goes into effect immediately.

Volunteers Receive Silver Distinguished Service Award

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA – Alpha Kappa Psi, the largest international professional business fraternity, recently awarded the Silver Distinguished Service Award (DSA) to four deserving individuals during the 2015 Convention. The Silver Distinguished Service Award is presented for the recipient’s service as an alumnus, faculty or honorary member.