Two Historic Items Added to Heritage Center Display

The Douglas M. Halka Library at the Heritage Center features two display cases devoted to historic items from the fraternity’s past. Recently, two new items have been put on display, both from the 1920s:

A miniature badge set with sapphires was available for purchase beginning in the 1920s, although it is a mystery as to why this one was set with pearls. While jewelry ads published in the Diary at that time stated that the miniature badge was “recommended for use as a sister pin,” these badges could have easily been used as sweetheart pins as well.

The only thing known about this unusual charm is that it belonged to Walter E. Noss, Pittsburgh ‘24. His initials are engraved on the back, along with the Greek letter for ‘delta.’ Of note, the design of the coat of arms is the version that was in use before the current version was introduced in 1930.

Both items are on loan from the collection of Jeffrey E. Frank, Eastern Michigan ‘86-Life.


Congratulations to This Year’s All-AKPsi Academic Team Co-Captains

The Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation is pleased to announce the eight team captains for this year’s All-AKPsi Academic Team. From the 505 juniors and seniors named to the team last month, these eight co-captains have been selected to represent the team and will each receive $250 educational grants from the foundation:

  • Cori Boyce, Miami (Ohio) ’09
  • Jessica Ferrucci, Binghamton ’09
  • Truitt Jeter, South Carolina ’10
  • Hannah Miles, Missouri ’09
  • Kari Notton, Illinois ’09
  • Benjamin Rascoe, Miami (Ohio) ’08
  • Allison Schelble, Washington (St. Louis) ‘10
  • Joe Viviano, Kansas ‘10

Each year the All-AKPsi Academic Team honors individuals who balance academics with leadership in their chapters and communities. To apply, students need to be juniors or seniors and have GPAs of 3.50 or higher. This year’s application deadline was in November and team members were announced in December.

The 2011-12 roster of 505 members (scroll down to see the December 16 announcement) is an all-time record, breaking the previous record of 275 which was set last year.

The foundation extends its gratitude to this year’s selection committee of past regional directors who had the monumental task of narrowing the list of 505 individuals down to eight team captains: Jessica Hill, Arizona State ’96-Life; Derek Hunter, Murray State ’01-Life; LaTonya Jackson, Alabama State ’03; Pam Miksell, Iowa ’96-Life; Yakov Shenkman, Pennsylvania ’03; Brendan Sherry, Virginia Tech ’97-Life; Melissa Stowe, Iowa State ’98-Life; and Vonda Willis, Texas State ’89-Life.


 Treasured 1927 Fraternity Relic Restored

After being lost for more than 40 years, the Holy Bible originally used by the Gamma Chapter (Northwestern University) was recently restored by Alpha Kappa Psi and is on display at the Heritage Center in Indianapolis.

The bible was presented to the Gamma Chapter in 1927 by Fraternity President Everett Lord in appreciation of the chapter hosting the Convention that year in Chicago. The bible was used continuously by the chapter for rituals until the chapter closed in the late 1960s when the university discontinued its undergraduate school of business.

Stored away for decades, the bible was hidden in a trunk of items once belonging to the chapter. The widow of a former chapter president found the trunk in her garage and had it delivered to the Heritage Center for safekeeping.


All-AKPsi Academic Team Announced

The Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation has officially named 505 students to its 2011-12 All-AKPsi Academic Team — an all-time record. The team honors students who maintain excellence in academic standing while making positive contributions to their campus and community. Last year, 275 students were named to the team.

From among the team members, eight outstanding individuals will be selected as team captains in January and will receive educational grants from the foundation. This was the 13th year the foundation has sponsored the All-AKPsi Academic Team.

2011-12 All-AKPsi Academic Team Roster


Phillip Bastow, Kansas
Edward Machen, Kansas
Jack Shuss, Kansas
Joseph Viviano, Kansas
Michael Benike, Kansas State
Caitlin Estes, Kansas State
Jessie French, Kansas State
Rachael Jensen, Kansas State
Alison Manthei, Kansas State
April Rust, Kansas State
Heather Stos, Kansas State
Stephanie Babka, Missouri
Kelsey Butler, Missouri
Sarah Ely, Missouri
Michelle Horan, Missouri
Meghan Jones, Missouri
Jordan Mannix, Missouri
Michael McNulty, Missouri
Hannah Miles, Missouri
Patrick Miller, Missouri
Aaron Peterman, Missouri
Taylor Reger, Missouri
Kathryn Schmidt, Missouri
Allison Sicking, Missouri
Amanda Keeling, Missouri Western
Kelsey Samenus, Missouri Western
Brittany Ferguson, Southeast Missouri
Leah Goodwin, Southeast Missouri
Amanda Hardwick, Southeast Missouri
Abigail Lillge, Southeast Missouri
Levi Moore, Truman State
Sara Rasmussen, Truman State
Duncan Reynolds, Truman State
Anna Tramelli, Truman State
Nick Valleroy, Truman State
Jessica Chen, Washington (St. Louis)
Benjamin Furtick, Washington (St. Louis)
Andrew Lin, Washington (St. Louis)
Malik Nabulsi, Washington (St. Louis)
Elizabeth Owens, Washington (St. Louis)
Allison Schelble, Washington (St. Louis)


Erin Dye, Central Michigan
Jeff Horning, Central Michigan
Brittany Melvin, Central Michigan
Chad Penny, Cincinnati
Xi Wang, Cincinnati
Tricia Wolford, Cincinnati
Matthew Knutson, Dayton
Jared Steinmetz, Dayton
Sewell Strifler, Dayton
Samantha Filar, John Carroll
Ryan Gross, John Carroll
Julie Blackhall, Miami
Cori Boyce, Miami
Cecile Cosby, Miami
Mounika Gutti, Miami
Joseph Jablonski, Miami
Madeleine Kete, Miami
Alexander Kotsovos, Miami
Marcus Monte, Miami
Annie Mumpower, Miami
Jacqueline Paplaczyk, Miami
Benjamin Rascoe, Miami
Daniel Ruffley, Miami
Kristi Sherman, Miami
Melanie Smith, Miami
Katerina Stungys, Miami
Ryan Daar, Michigan
Jake Freeman, Michigan
Lukas Garske, Michigan
Eileen Giudice, Michigan
Marcia Hamelin, Michigan
Erich Heise, Michigan
Erin Kastelz, Michigan
Jina Kim, Michigan
Abigail Longhurst, Michigan
Sabrina Mancini, Michigan
Kristen Marotta, Michigan
Becca Portney, Michigan
Raquel Sizeland, Michigan
Blaine Turner, Michigan
Alec Arthur, Michigan State
Amy Nelsen, Michigan State
Megan Petrous, Michigan State
Matthew Podelnyk, Michigan State
Michelle Sadler, Michigan State
Greta Sommerfeld, Michigan State
Charles Stavoe, Michigan State
Evan VanBuhler, Michigan State
Jacob Warnick, Michigan State
Dan Winn, Michigan State
Michael Yassay, Michigan State
Melissa Willman, Oakland
Zachary Papadakis, Ohio
Matthew Darah, Ohio State
Nicholas Eyer, Ohio State
Andrew Greene, Ohio State
Katherine Hamerly, Ohio State
Eric Hornun, Ohio State
Kaitlyn Kisiday, Ohio State
Cara Laviola, Ohio State
Aakanksha Marwah, Ohio State
Eric McQuillin, Ohio State
Kelly O’Conner, Ohio State
Kelsey Pizza, Ohio State
Roland Reeb, Ohio State
Spencer Schaffer, Ohio State
Spencer Shewbridge, Ohio State
Sarah Vosler, Ohio State
John Williams, Ohio State
Kelly Dagilis, Toledo
Benjamin Griffis, Toledo
McKenna Klemz, Toledo
Marina Schaberg, Toledo
Ashley Skibski, Toledo


Stefanie Chan, Carnegie Mellon
Julia Choicer, Carnegie Mellon
Min Kim, Carnegie Mellon
Meghan Nahass, Carnegie Mellon
Umang Patel, Carnegie Mellon
Dipika Shrihari, Carnegie Mellon
Elsa Wu, Carnegie Mellon
Jesse Bendit, Cornell
Alice Cope, Cornell
Charles Funderburk, Cornell
Stephanie Lau, Cornell
Sathish Nagappan, Cornell
Matthew Poveromo, Cornell
Derek Schreiner, Cornell
Adrienne Alquiros, Drexel
Hiren Patel, Drexel
Rachel Alberts, Penn State
Stephen Ciarrocchi, Penn State
Christopher Conforti, Penn State
Steven Hitchan, Penn State
Joseph Knittel, Penn State
Lauren Lahann, Penn State
James Millsop, Penn State
Catherine Robertson, Penn State
Elizabeth Smith, Penn State
Kyle Straub, Penn State
Leah Tunney, Penn State
Lisa Chesko, Pittsburgh
Megan Creahan, Pittsburgh
Cassandra Palmer, Pittsburgh
Paul Spencer, Pittsburgh
Alex Andrussier, Shippensburg
Leslie Danley, Shippensburg
Ben Fetrow, Shippensburg
Isabel Scott, Shippensburg
Derek Shade, Shippensburg
Rachel Diamond, Slippery Rock
Alex Rienzie, SUNY – Geneseo
Joyce Lee, Syracuse
Julia Asel, West Virginia


Elizabeth Castle, American
Alexander Germany-Wald, American
Anna Merkoulova, American
Eric Pan, American
Lesley Siu, American
Christopher Beach, Christopher Newport
Rebecca Davis, Christopher Newport
David Dawes, Delaware
Kelly Froelich, Duke
Yangyang Guo, Duke
Kevin Hogan, Duke
Judy Jow, Duke
Jordan Karen, Duke
David Martorana, Duke
Adam Talpalar, Duke
Alison Lichtenstein, George Washington
Huixia Zhang, George Washington
Erin Fenton, Georgetown
Karly Buckner, Howard
Candace Hokett- Henley, Howard
Gregory Taylor, Howard
Jessica Hendrick, James Madison
Matthew Phillips, James Madison
Alexis Vlasho, James Madison
Molly White, James Madison
Kameron TRUE, James Madison
Sanford Ames, Maryland
Eric Brown, Maryland
Brett Cullen, Maryland
Viraj Desai, Maryland
Lisa Dunn, Maryland
Aaron Fagan, Maryland
Rohan Gandhi, Maryland
Max Gross, Maryland
Shirley Han, Maryland
Leigh Harney, Maryland
Stephanie Johnson, Maryland
Ryan Lee-Young, Maryland
Michael Lu, Maryland
Kishore Radhakrishnan, Maryland
Jeff Williamowsky, Maryland
Louis Rossi, North Carolina – Charlotte
Kurt Shackelford, North Carolina – Charlotte
Alex Andrason, North Carolina State
Kathryn Daniel, North Carolina State
Derek McLamb, North Carolina State
Nabil Najeeb, North Carolina State
Nicholas Parkin, North Carolina State
Meredith Purcell, North Carolina State
Lauren Rakes, North Carolina State
William Yeatts, North Carolina State
Chengjian Zheng, North Carolina State
Anne Tomsky, Richmond
Candace Connolly, Roanoke College
Zhengwei Liang, Virginia
Robert Newton, Virginia Tech
Caleb Vaughan, Virginia Tech
Diana Woods, Virginia Tech
Conor Mills, Wake Forest


Courtney Girt, Ball State
Blake Flota, Illinois
Kelsey Isaacson, Illinois
Heidi Mott, Illinois
Kari Notton, Illinois
Mark Glasser, Illinois – Chicago
Sonya Luthra, Illinois – Chicago
Jamie Olds, Illinois – Chicago
Sasha Schnurr, Illinois – Chicago
jamie shah, Illinois – Chicago
Djatou Traore, Illinois – Chicago
Daniel Turkewitz, Illinois – Chicago
Chris Valkov, Illinois – Chicago
Jonathan Brown, Indiana
Jack Davis, Indiana
Ashley Dunn, Kentucky
Jennifer Harvey, Kentucky
Leigh Kaufman, Kentucky
Kevin Mosley, Kentucky
Abdel-Sater Shalash, Kentucky
Amy Walsh, Kentucky
Kristen Wathen, Kentucky
Jennifer Ydoate, Kentucky
Audrey Yung, Kentucky
Luke Culley, Loyola Chicago
Kelly Gore, Loyola Chicago
Jeff Michel, Loyola Chicago
Ana Claudia Michelini, Loyola Chicago
Michael Moffat, Loyola Chicago
Kristin Papierski, Loyola Chicago
Kimberly Franklin, Murray State
Ross Caton, Northwestern
Alexandra Dobkin, Northwestern
Bailey Sill, Northwestern
Alexis Heard, Western Kentucky
Joseph Paskov, Wisconsin – Madison


Brice Antons, Drake
Amra Beganovic, Drake
Kari Budnik, Drake
Amanda Charpentier, Drake
Thayne Griffin, Drake
Sam Hellwege, Drake
Kjersten Krantz-Odendahl, Drake
Jonathan Lai, Drake
Reynold Lim, Drake
Spencer Look, Drake
Oleksiy Maltsev, Drake
Megan Nielsen, Drake
Natalie Pearson, Drake
Christophe Sabourin, Drake
Keen Mun Siew, Drake
Sophia Song, Drake
Steven Theisen, Drake
Leah Torrison, Drake
Tess Wicks, Drake
Victoria Hernandez, Iowa
Kaila Krum, Iowa
Patrick Meyer, Iowa
Lindsey Morris, Iowa
Wenran Xie, Iowa
Ashley Truman, Iowa State
Kayla Berg, Minnesota
Alex Meyers, Minnesota
kyle seeman, Minnesota
Zachary Thompson, Minnesota
James Thorson, Minnesota
Chris Van Doren, Minnesota
Brianna Zilles, Minnesota


Alex Shklyar, Baruch College
Yoko Boschetti Sacco, Bentley
Madeleine Dorflinger, Bentley
Iris Wang, Bentley
Janine Bautista, Binghamton
Vincent Dao, Binghamton
Erik De Monte, Binghamton
Kristin Dougherty, Binghamton
Emily Duffel, Binghamton
Jessica Ferrucci, Binghamton
Lauren Gavin, Binghamton
Christian Hall, Binghamton
Erica Peters, Binghamton
Rodney Rebello, Binghamton
Matt Trau, Binghamton
Jacky Xu, Binghamton
Victoria Chang, Boston
Melanie Chu, Boston
David Lavieri, Boston
Connie Lu, Boston
Andrew Sime, Boston
Emily Pakstis, Connecticut
Richard Laucella, Hofstra
Jeffrey Ho, New York
Anokhee Mepani, New York
Michelle Zighelboim, New York
Lesley Chen, Rutgers
Kristen Coval, Rutgers
Courtney Davis, Rutgers
Nicholas Fung, Rutgers
Shashank Gupta, Rutgers
Derek Ho, Rutgers
Daniel Huk Lim, Rutgers
Michele Yu, Rutgers
Kay Ezeh, Seton Hall
janaki sekaran, St. John’s
Jennifer Tennant, St. John’s


Brian Chan, British Columbia
Erica Brindza, Eastern Washington
Kevin Herrera, Eastern Washington
Jenn Johnston, Eastern Washington
Melissa Israel, Oregon
Jeremy Johnson, Oregon
Lucas Raab, Oregon
Keturah Taylor, Oregon State
Zachary Shulkin, Washington State


Kathryn Gandy, Arkansas
Demarcus Prophet, Lamar
Ashley Wilson, Lamar
Marcia Raphael, North Texas
Richard Raizes, Southern Methodist
Brynn Bossart, Texas
Kara de Wet, Texas
Daniel Doll, Texas
Cristina Nguyen, Texas
Zubin Shah, Texas
Nathan Gigee, Texas Lutheran
Cassandra Gonzales, Texas Lutheran
Amanda Betancur, Texas Tech
Miroslav Getov, Trinity
Megan Russell, Trinity


Maria Garcia, Central Florida
Michelle Garcia, Central Florida
Darian Hands, Central Florida
Melissa Hedtke, Central Florida
Shayna Kaufman, Central Florida
Rebecca Laube, Central Florida
Janey Martin, Central Florida
Krystle McCoy, Central Florida
Matthew Meadows, Central Florida
David Noel, Central Florida
Jose Poon, Central Florida
Adam Straka, Central Florida
Madeline Viera, Central Florida
Natalie Weinstein, Central Florida
Jordan Brustein, Emory
Nicolette Kraska, Emory
Willie Reaves Jr., Emory
Michelle Haunert, Florida
Darwin Lopez, Florida
Masekela Mandela, Florida A&M
Paris Proctor, Florida A&M
Cody Ash, Florida State
Kate Houghton, Georgia
Kendall Johnson, Georgia State
Neha Gilja, Georgia Tech
Sydney Mobley, Georgia Tech
Sangjun Oh, Georgia Tech
Darren DelSignore, Miami
Monica Gerstner, Miami
Jarrett Lane, Miami
Liam Munzenmaier, Miami
Roshni Patel, Miami
Kirstine Rust, Nova Southeastern
Kevin Christner, South Carolina
Lauren Davis, South Carolina
Heather Golgart, South Carolina
Rena Ichinowatari, South Carolina
Truitt Jeter, South Carolina
David Moody, South Carolina
Ben Muller, South Carolina
John Nance, South Carolina
Kyle Neumann, South Carolina
Kory Pippin, South Carolina
Sandra Pulec, South Carolina
Katie Razick, South Carolina
Kirby Robbins, South Carolina
Michael Vereen, South Carolina
Charlie Cook, Stetson
Jillian Masucci, Stetson


Kaiya Arroyo, Alabama
Tyler Connor, Alabama
Katerina Dergunov, Alabama
Mark Lail, Alabama
Lisa Ledbetter, Alabama
Darya Makarenko, Alabama
Amy Prucnal, Alabama
Rebekah Vickery, Alabama
Nicholas White, Alabama
Nichole Wolf, Alabama
Johnathan Crayton, Alabama – Birmingham
Shemeeka Gentry, Alabama State
William Austill, Auburn
Gabriella Bailin, Auburn
Laura Barnett, Auburn
Mayra De Caba, Austin Peay
Sean Kihara, Austin Peay
April Odom, Austin Peay
Cara Brenner, Jacksonville State
Ninma Sheshi, Jacksonville State
Akudo Amadi, Tennessee State
Aaron Walton, Tennessee State
Hervie Clemons, Tennessee Tech


Taylor Bilby, Arizona
Lianne Brancky, Arizona
Chloe Broenen, Arizona
Austin Byrne, Arizona
Tessa Carter, Arizona
Xin Cheng, Arizona
Russell Garner, Arizona
Curtis Graham, Arizona
Katarina Kolesikova, Arizona
Lauren Kuehner, Arizona
Janea Laudick, Arizona
Andrea Lawson, Arizona
Alyssa Martinez, Arizona
Brian Mistler, Arizona
melissa porter, Arizona
Xin Shen, Arizona
Allison Stein, Arizona
Miriam Tischler, Arizona
Michelle Vock, Arizona
Austin Welborn, Arizona
Haipei Chang, Arizona State
Beth Crumrine, Arizona State
Kelsey Dixon, Arizona State
Chris Dunker, Arizona State
Susan Eckman, Arizona State
Brittany Lee, Arizona State
Kayla McAlpin, Arizona State
Kelly O’Brien, Arizona State
Kara Ribbe, Arizona State
Brianne Tomasson, Arizona State
Anca Tomoiaga, Arizona State
Robert Waer, Arizona State
Tavian Aung, Cal Poly SLO
Lyndsay Brown, Cal Poly SLO
Heber Cruz, Cal Poly SLO
Ian Goh, California – Berkeley
Stephanie Gunawan, California – Berkeley
Ryan Liu, California – Berkeley
michael miao, California – Berkeley
Vineet Pandey, California – Berkeley
Natschja Ratanaprayul, California – Berkeley
Jae Ryu, California – Berkeley
MinJung Suh, California – Berkeley
Calvin Xu, California – Berkeley
Hiroyoshi Suzuki, California – Davis
Emily Nguyen, California – Los Angeles
Benjamin Pham, California – Merced
Elliot Allen, California – Santa Barbara
Thomas Dawson, California – Santa Barbara
Brandon Fu, California – Santa Barbara
Jinjing Shen, California – Santa Barbara
Jordan Tanner, California – Santa Barbara
Elizabeth Tokunaga, California – Santa Barbara
Cory Wheeler, California – Santa Barbara
Bestina Mounenalath, California State – Fresno
Alexis Pollard, California State – San Marcos
Jessica Angiuoni, Chapman
Jordan Boyd, Chapman
Maryanne Connell, Chapman
Kathryn Emery, Chapman
Erin Jenkins, Chapman
Justin Juarez, Chapman
Jacquelyn Kuehler, Chapman
Khine Thit Lwin, Chapman
Ellen Miranda, Chapman
Eleazar Orellana, Chapman
Alin Roman, Chapman
Laura Shigeoka, Chapman
Cassandra Williams, Chapman
Aimee Kang, San Diego
Diana Rodriguez Agiss, San Diego
Constance Summar, San Diego
Colleen Temple, San Diego
Christina Moran, San Diego State
Antonio Olea Jr, San Diego State
Leslie Lam, San Jose State
Trang Nguyen, San Jose State
Joyce Yu, San Jose State
Tiffany Wei, Southern California
Bryan Cheng, Stanford
Aaron Garg, Stanford
Yen Kuok, Stanford
Stephen Quinonez, Stanford
Xin Shan, Stanford


Emily Booth, Colorado
Ryan Brauchler, Colorado
Christopher Milinazzo, Colorado
Sophie Lane-Wierzba, Colorado State
Chloe Petersen, Colorado State
Julie Williams, Colorado State
Kellsie Nienhuser, Wyoming
Jennifer Welsh, Wyoming

Psi Iota Installation Announcement

Alpha Kappa Psi is pleased to announce the installation of the Psi Iota Chapter at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey.  On December 3, Past Fraternity President Andrea Nemeth CFV, Montclair ’91 – Life, proudly served as chief installing officer where 40 student brothers and one faculty brother were initiated into the Northeast Region’s 17th active collegiate chapter. This marks the 337th chartering of an Alpha Kappa Psi chapter. The founding members of the Psi Iota Chapter include:

Christopher D. Adcock ‘11
Mandy J. Anderson ‘11
Jenna R. Bartley ‘11
Jill T. Biega ‘11
Mariana S. Bonato ‘11
Jorge V. Branco ‘11
Lauren A. Cane ‘11
Rory J. Chirmside ‘11
Michael D. Cunningham ‘11
Marissa N. Cusanelli ‘11
Nicolas P. De Tommaso ‘11
David J. Eisenberg ‘11
Andrew D. Fedder ‘11
Christopher K. Ford ‘11
Micah Freedman ‘11
Andrea L. Gilroy ‘11
William Gorman ’11 – Faculty
Jennyrose H. Halupka ‘11
Nicholas E. Harvat ‘11
Kristen A. Harz ‘11
Megan C. Holt ‘11
Alan G. Jean ‘11
Christian J. Klein ‘11
Andrew J. Lawler ‘11
Michael Lopes ‘11
Joshua D. Mann ‘11
Daniel Pearson ‘11
Michael Pearson, Jr.
Jamie L. Petraglia ‘11
Jonathan L. Porcello ‘11
David Quinones ‘11
Jennifer M. Quirk ‘11
Leah M. Russo ‘11
Oscar M. Sanchez, Jr. ‘11
Alexander Slade ‘11
Raymond A. Slamb ‘11
Erin E. Smith ‘11
Nikolas Trenchi ‘11
Katelyn M. Walsh ‘11
Louis Yuliano ‘11

Special thanks to the installation team which consisted of:

John J. Von Achen, Upsala ’74 – Life
Past Foundation Chairman

Winston Edwards, Montclair ’00

Alexa Grueiro CFV, Montclair ’99
Section Director – Northeast Region

]Ibrahim K. Masri, Seton Hall ’06
Chapter Advisor – Monmouth University

Andrea Nemeth CFV, Montclair ’91 – Life
Past Fraternity President

Gregory J. Russell, Montclair ’00

Peter R. Salem, Montclair ’03

Vadim Shleyfman, Towson ’09 – Honorary

Chad E. Smith CFV, Montclair ’93
Past Northeast Regional Director

Notes of congratulations and welcome can be sent to Psi Iota President Jenna Bartley and Chapter Advisor Ibrahim Masri.