Alpha Kappa Psi Introduces Inaugural Fraternity Ritual Team

INDIANAPOLIS — Nearly 40 members met in Indianapolis on December 6 for the Fraternity Ritual Team training. The inaugural Fraternity Ritual Team members were certified to manage, educate and execute fraternity rituals in compliance with risk management policies and in keeping with traditions.

Call for Nominations for BOD

The Fraternity Board of Directors is composed of nine alumni members elected by the delegates from all chapters for terms of three years. The board then elects its officers who are the chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary. The responsibility of the board of directors is to set policies and procedures that will guide the fraternity into the future. It acts as the supreme governing body of the fraternity between meetings of the Chapter Congress.

Virginia Tech Chapter is Closed for Hazing

INDIANAPOLIS — The Alpha Kappa Psi Board of Directors voted to suspend the charter of the Beta Xi Chapter at Virginia Tech. The board’s decision was based upon an investigation which revealed physical and psychological hazing of new members.

This is the second investigation in the past several months which has led to the closure of a chapter. Earlier this year, the Nu Xi Chapter at the University of California-San Diego was also closed by the Board of Directors following an investigation of hazing and alcohol-related activities. Both chapters will be closed for a minimum of three years.

“The board is becoming more resolute in eradicating hazing activities and the alcohol-related activities that push the boundaries of good judgment,” said Mariel Reynolds, chair of the AKPsi Judiciary Committee. “With the closing of these chapters, and particularly when alcohol is involved in new member activities, the board is confirming its zero-tolerance position. I’m hopeful that chapter officers will begin having meaningful discussions with their members regarding how their actions reflect the values of Alpha Kappa Psi.”

In September, the fraternity implemented a pilot program for risk management education with 43 chapters. This program includes educational material that can be delivered to local chapters and is intended to raise awareness of the hazing and alcohol-related problems they may face and provide chapters with strategies to address these issues.

In addition, the fraternity offers ‘bystander’ training and risk management education through the Pledge Education Program, online webinars and eLearning modules, and at national and regional events such as Officer Training, the College of Leadership and the Principled Business Leaders Institute (PBLI).

Fifty Eighth Meeting of the Chapter Congress to be held in Norfolk, VA

Notice is hereby given that the Fifty Eighth (58) Meeting of the Chapter Congress of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity will be called to order on Thursday, July 30. The Chapter Congress will be held at Sheraton Waterside Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia.

At this meeting of the Chapter Congress, amendments to the Constitution and Statutory Code will be considered and voted upon by the delegates present. In order for an amendment to be considered, it must be submitted to a standing or appointed committee no later than March 1, 2015. The committees will deliberate on all items submitted and make a report to the Chapter Congress on Thursday, July 30.

In addition, there will be an election for the Fraternity President and Executive Vice President at the Chapter Congress Meeting. An individual may be nominated for Fraternity office at a Regional Meeting or at the Chapter Congress Meeting. Candidates nominated by a Regional Meeting must submit a biography including an outline of fraternal and professional accomplishments and experience to the Chief Executive Officer by March 15, 2015. A member may be a candidate for only one (1) elected office at each Biennial Convention.