Nominations Open for Fraternity Board Positions

INDIANAPOLIS (December 4, 2015) – Three members of the board – William Callarman, Kenneth Hastey and Dan Stubblefield – have terms that expire in August 2016. The Chapter Congress, in accordance with the Constitution and Statutory Code, shall elect brothers to these three vacancies in accordance with the policies of the board of directors. The electionshall be held in April by email ballot sent to the president of each chapter.

Chapters Give Thanks for Each Other and Give Back to Community

INDIANAPOLIS (November 26, 2015) – With evenings of celebrating their appreciation for Alpha Kappa Psi, chapters around the country gave thanks from their members to others, wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Many chapters celebrated together before break, gathering to be thankful for one another. Some had potluck dinners, some celebrated with each other in different cities, and some donated their time to package meals on their break. No matter what they were doing, each chapter gave thanks for their opportunities and the many students and alumni that make up the network of Alpha Kappa Psi.

Certified Fraternity Volunteers, Masters of Excellent Resource Management

INDIANAPOLIS (November 24, 2015) – A Certified Fraternity Volunteer (CFV) is one who possesses the essential knowledge of Alpha Kappa Psi’s operations, ideals and values.

A CFV is an Alpha Kappa Psi volunteer that has successfully mastered the topics around good volunteer resource management. In order to be recognized as a CFV, volunteers must first become a Qualified Fraternity Volunteer and pass the certification exam. In order to receive the designation of being a Certified Fraternity Volunteer, the following four easy steps must be completed.