Alpha Kappa Psi’s Guidance for Chapters During COVID-19

As an organization, our brothers’ safety, health, and well-being remain our highest priority.
With the international concerns regarding COVID-19, it is natural to experience high stress and anxiety, especially with the rapidly changing information on public health, social distancing, on-line classes, and work from home policies.

Further, the larger impact of the virus, regarding travel restrictions and other precautions are significant–noting we are all working through the challenges of daily updates on the status of COVID-19 and the subsequent changes we are all facing over the next few months.

Many US-based campuses where AKPsi chapters operate have moved to on-line classes for at minimum several weeks beginning the Winter/Spring 2022 term.

The intention of this page is to provide a clearinghouse for resources that are helpful to all brothers, chapter officers, and volunteers.

Chapter-Related Items

As each chapter accommodates and adapts to ongoing changes with institution, local, and state guidance, we would like to provide additional guidance in chapter operations, pledging, and rituals.

Chapter Operations: 

As it relates to your chapter activities and meetings, please follow the instructions and guidance offered by your institution. This may require canceling chapter meetings, activities, and events.

Spring 2022 Guidance

  • The health and safety of our members has been and will continue to be the foremost concern of Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Kappa Psi instructs all chapters and their volunteers to adhere to all policies and guidance set by their institution, venues, local, state, provincial, and federal governance. Also, check the latest guidelines from the Center for Disease Control – CDC to ensure you are following the latest guidance.
  • Please refer to the Virtual Chapter Operations Guide for a comprehensive overview of Alpha Kappa Psi’s guidance to help chapters navigate chapter operations and member engagement virtually. Many of the links and resources within the guide are also located within the MyAKPsi Community > Knowledge Base. This operational guide is updated with new information periodically.
  • If your chapter is currently experiencing hybrid (in-person and virtual) operations, or if your chapter needs guidance as you transition back to in-person operations, please review the Collegiate Chapter Operations Guide.

2021-22 Chapter Minimum Expectations

Rather approach minimum expectations as a list of requirements to be ‘enforced,’ the goal will be to determine each chapter’s needs to provide continuity and engagement, given the circumstances. As we enter the winter/spring 2022 term, our priority is to recover stable chapter operations after COVID-19. The following plan outlines:

  • Standard operating procedures expected from collegiate chapters.
  • Minimum expectations for chapters to set goals in the categories of membership, finances, and programming.
  • How volunteers and professional staff can coach and support chapters in setting and meeting goals.
  • The available resources for how to meet minimum expectations.
  • Metrics and reporting mechanisms for measuring and tracking performance targets.

Standard Operations Procedures | Requirements for Collegiate Chapters

  • Meet chapter financial obligations. As stated in the Constitution – Article VII – Section 3. Good Standing and Automatic Revocation of Charter A collegiate chapter is to pay its financial obligations. If a chapter is delinquent and not in good standing with the Fraternity and not following this standard operating procedure, corrective steps are outlined in Section 3.
  • Follow the Bridge to Brotherhood Program. As stated in the Board of Directors’ Statement of Policy, “student chapters must follow the member education pathway.”
  • Hold at least two (2) initiations during each academic year, in accordance with the Constitution.
  • Meet reporting and submission deadlines. 
    • Changes to a chapter’s membership roster must be reported within seven (7) days of the change occurring
    • Financial deadlines
    • Chapter Success Plan cycle deadlines

The following Membership, Financial, and Programming goals are to be set by the chapter with amounts that make sense based on your chapter’s current circumstances.


Stabilize / Grow Membership

Have a pledge retention rate of X% or higher per semester/quarter.

Have a member retention rate of X% or higher per semester/quarter.


Stabilize Financials

Create a chapter budget with a travel fund of $X amount per semester/quarter.

Reach an external funding goal (ex. school, fundraising, corporate sponsorship, etc.) of $X per semester/quarter.


Expand Programming to Meet Members’ Needs

Have at least one (1) co-hosted event with other student organizations and university officers, company, and/or chapter per semester/quarter.

Have X% of the chapter participate in Fraternity-level events (includes Virtual Awards, Regional Assembly, Institute of Business Leadership, Principled Business Leadership Institute, Presidents Academy, Convention) for the academic year.

Recruitment and Pledging:

Please consult with your Chapter Educational Resource Coordinator if your chapter needs assistance planning for recruitment and Bridge to Brotherhood with your institution’s current COVID considerations.

Virtual Recruitment Resources – COMING SOON!

Below are the available virtual recruitment resources for additional guidance on planning and executing a virtual or hybrid recruitment.

    • Guide to Virtual Recruitment
    • How to Handle Online Recruitment | Webinar hosted by the Rho Chapter who successfully conducted a fully virtual recruitment in Spring 2020
    • A Rushee’s Guide to Online Recruitment | Resource provided by the Rho Chapter
    • Recruitment ideas from other chapters
    • Brother Talks: Recruitment Campaigns | Operations Avenue Podcast

Our Midterm interviews are scheduled during this period of virtual classes only, how should we conduct them?

Many chapters may have the Midterm interview during this time. Look into video conference options—your school/university, Skype, Google calls, etc. If no other options are available, please reach out to the Heritage Center for Zoom options.  

The Bridge to Brotherhood program only requires a panel of brothers so the entire chapter is not required to participate. 

There is no requirement that all the interviews are to be done at one time, it’s up to the chapter to define the schedule. 

Every member of the chapter is already in the chapter “community” on MyAKPsi; chapter officers can update everyone (including alumni) on chapter progress and operations. 

How should we proctor the fraternal exam with we can’t gather in-person?

The pledge educator may send the exam link and password to the pledges to take the exam. The pledges will then report scores to the pledge educator. 

To conduct the oral component of the exam (the fraternal oath and anthem), this can be done virtually. An option could be doing this oral component as part of the Mid-term interview as there is no requirement that this has to be done at a certain time. 

How would these adjustments impact pledge improvement plans?

If the chapter is operating virtually, this may fall to the Vice President of Membership or Pledge Educator(s) to review and modify the plans.

Court of Honor and Initiation Rituals:

The Court of Honor presentations and Initiation ceremony are two separate events. AKPsi offers the following guidance:

Would the Fraternity allow pledges to complete the virtual process for Court of Honor?

Yes, the Court of Honor presentations can be virtual. Utilize the video conference options for the group presentations and schedule them accordingly. Presentations are not required to be done at the same day/time and the entire chapter is not required to be present. 

Can we do pledge voting online?

Yes, the chapter can utilize surveys / online tools to do pledge voting. This can also be done online during your virtual chapter meeting. 

Can we hold a virtual initiation during this timeframe?

A “public” version of the Initiation ritual has been created for use for a virtual ceremony. If the chapter decides to hold a virtual Initiation, please contact your Chapter Educational Resource Coordinator for the revised Ritual to use during ceremony. Below are the changes:

  • The handshake, password, motto were removed.
    • The call to action is to do a “brotherhood reaffirmation” by going through the confidential information with everyone and linking up to do the anthem, ideally at the first chapter meeting.
  • The number of people involved in the ritual has been reduced to three (3) members.
  • The processional and any additional movement was removed.
  • Ritual robes may not be worn and ritual items are not needed.

How do we vote the pledges into membership?

Your chapter may vote during a virtual chapter meeting and/or it may use a secure online tool (preferably one that can be password protected) to collect member votes.

Installation of Officers and Graduating Seniors Rituals: 

These ceremonies may be conducted virtually. AKPsi offers the following guidance:

Can we do the Installation of Officers ritual virtually?

Yes. This is a public ritual and can be done virtually with the current and new executive board members. Chapter attendance may be optional. 

Do not wear your ritual robes. 

Can we do the Graduating Senior ritual online?

This is a PUBLIC ritual and can be done virtually with the current seniors. Chapter attendance should be optional. 

If the ritual cannot be done online, this is not a required to be done. Please update the member status to alumnus in ChapterSpot. 

Please DO NOT wear your ritual robes. 

The Fraternity is considering conducting a fraternity-wide on-line ceremony for graduating seniors later in the Spring. 

Chapter Finances:

To clarify information regarding chapter finances, AKPsi offers the following guidance:

What can our chapter do if outstanding invoices cannot be paid because the chapter's account is through the institution?

The Treasurer and/or President needs to contact the institution’s accounting office to inquire if the chapter’s account can be accessed online. If the Treasurer or President cannot access the chapter’s account online, request a statement from the institution showing the account balance for AKPsi’s records. Those funds shall be earmarked for the outstanding invoices and paid to clear off balances first thing upon your return to campus.

What can our chapter do if we are struggling to meet our financial obligations?

Please contact for assistance.

Chapter and Fraternity Events:

The health and safety of our members continues to be the foremost concern of Alpha Kappa Psi. When attending any upcoming local chapter or Fraternity events/meetings/programs, all members and guests must follow CDC, institution, venue, local, state, provincial, and federal requirements regarding social distancing, masks, and other safety precautions. 

  • CDC Resources for Colleges and Universities
  • Click for further health and crisis support resources

If you are planning to attend the Principled Business Leadership Institute, more information will be sent to you regarding the hotel, local, and state COVID-19 protocols for your specific location as the date of the event approaches. If you or your members have questions regarding the Fraternity’s in-person event precautions for the Principled Leadership Institute or Convention, please contact

myAKPsi Community

The myAKPsi Community is the member portal that serves as a hub for members. Below are instructions for logging into the myAKPsi Community’s Collaboration groups to ensure you see the most up-to-date information.

  1. Log into myAKPsi here:
    • Your username is your email plus “.myakpsi”
      • Ex.
    • If you need assistance resetting your password, please email with the subject “Request for Password Reset”
  2. Select “Collaboration” at the top of the webpage
  3. Choose “My Groups” from the Groups drop-down list
    • You should see a collaboration group for all AKPsi members, “AKPsi Group”.
    • If you are one of the core seven chapter officers, you will also see a collaboration group for your chapter officer position.
  4. Click on the “AKPsi Group” or your officer group to see the latest posts about COVID-19 adjustments.

Continue to stay informed by logging into myAKPsiCommunity—> Collaboration for ongoing information. Please send emails to with institution policies, procedures, changes, and updates as they are made so the proper support can be deployed.

Additional Information

You are encouraged to consult the following resources to stay up-to-date on COVID-19 developments and recommended health precautions:

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

You can contact your Chapter Educational Resource Coordinator at