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Alpha Kappa Psi Class of 2020 Senior Celebration

Congratulations to Alpha Kappa Psi’s Class of 2020. As you transition from student to alumni brother, we want to celebrate you and your accomplishments. Join Alpha Kappa Psi leadership for a virtual Graduating Senior Ritual (wear your cords, stoles, or cap and gown) and a virtual Alumni Orientation. And, be sure to participate in our Senior Spotlights and Senior Superlatives on Facebook and Instagram. We are proud of you, and we are excited to celebrate this milestone with you!

Graduating Senior Ritual

Interested in hosting the Graduating Senior Ritual at your chapter, please contact for more information

Alumni Orientation

Monday, April 27th

Missed the Virtual Alumni Orientation?

Thursday, April 30th

6:00 PM EST

Wednesday, May 6th

8:00 PM EST

Class of 2020

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Class of 2020 Superlatives