Chairman’s Advisory Council

Influence Through Your Perspective

Each quarter, the Chairman’s Advisory Council meets with the Board of Directors and CEO of the Fraternity to offer our membership and leadership advice and insight into the industry and environmental trends in the workplace.

Be a Sounding Board

As a principled business leader, share your perspective on the changes in business today.

Engage with Business Leaders

Dynamic communication is key to expanding our breadth of knowledge. Learn from brothers in different industries to see how they’re solving problems and getting results.

Chairman's Advisory Council Members

 Eileen L. Howell, Wisconsin ’78-Life 

Chairman-– Alpha Kappa Psi Board of Directors  




Debbie Barrett, Montclair State ‘98 

Human Resources Executive 


Richard D. Brounstein, Michigan State ’68 – Life 

Managing Director, CFO 


Jeff Blade, Butler University ‘84 

CFO – Bradley University 


Roger Dartt, Duke University ’62 – Life 

President – Mediatrix International, Inc 


Eliza Hernandez Nuccio, University of North Carolina, Charlotte ’09 – Life 

Chair – Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation 

Chief of Staff at National 4-H Council 


Ed Kinsey, University of Toledo ‘74 – Life 

Chief Financial Strategy Officer/Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary of State – U.S. Department of State 


Dorraine Lallani, Sam Houston State ’81 – Life 

Director-Asset Management for Westmont Hospitality Group 


Chris Riche, University of Arizona ‘90 

Vice President of Marketing – Gurobi Optimization 


Dan Roselli, Michigan State ’89 – Life 

Co-Founder & Managing Director – Packard Place 



Thomas Tran, Penn State ’02 – Life 

President – Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity  


Steve Hartman, Miami University 

CEO – Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity  

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