Can You Fake Being Confident?

Most people have heard the phrase “fake it until you make it” many times in their lives as it relates to being more confident. You might think of it as something that people who are amateurs in their field do in order to land a job or get a promotion, and this is surely the case sometimes. Over the years, this idea has become a bit of a cliché, but that doesn’t make it less of a strategy that can actually work for you. The key is doing it reasonably. Nobody is going to fake their way onto a space shuttle or onto a professional basketball court, but there are certain situations where faking it until you make it could be the right strategy for you to become more confident.

Confidence Before, During, and After a Job Interview


Job interviews can be the most draining events ever. From the initial “I have an interview?!” to waiting for a response, it’s easy to feel drained, stressed, and irritated throughout the whole ordeal. Confidence in yourself and your abilities may be at an all-time low and it’s easy to freefall into a heavy slump. Luckily, steps do exist to reduce and minimize the feelings of anxiety and worry. As those emotions subside, it’s much easier to be confident again in your skill set, personality, and experiences. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Open Letter to a Brother Lacking Confidence

Dear Brother,

I hope this letter finds you well! But what I really hope is that this letter leaves you feeling a bit more self-assured by the end of it. I’ve been keeping my eye on you. I know that sometimes you struggle with making yourself heard or believing in your ideas and your abilities. I want you to know two important things: 1) It’s completely normal and okay to feel this way, and 2) Things can get better. I have some tricks for being confident in the office, and maybe they’ll be able to help you as well.

Business Success Through Servant Leadership

Being a servant leader is a conscious choice that stems from a natural desire to serve. The best test of a servant leader’s effectiveness is how much the people they are leading grow and develop thanks to their presence. It’s easy to focus conversations about servant leadership on the actions of individuals, but this principle can be applied on a macro level with just as many benefits. Here are examples of businesses that continue to achieve success through applied servant leadership on an organizational level.

The True Meaning of Confidence


You might be interested to learn that the word “confidence” was used to mean confidence in others before it was used to describe an individual’s attitude toward themselves. In the early 1400s, to have “confidence” was to believe someone else was capable or trustworthy. It wasn’t until the 1550s, during the Renaissance, that a reliance on one’s own powers became a meaning of “confident.” Today, we understand that personal confidence is extremely important, but that it also must be justified to be useful and healthy. Here are some basics about confidence in three of life’s key areas and how to grow it in each.