Brotherhood Unbounded

Brotherhood Unbounded is a series of programs designed for AKPsi brothers to support each other, to share stories, and to continue on our principled business leadership journeys.

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Graduating Seniors

“…for our brotherhood, unbounded truly means having or appearing to have no limits.  We are in a challenging time right now in the world, in our country, in our academic experiences, and in our brotherhood. But despite all of the physical and emotional constraints, coming together as a community is helping us remember that we are not defined by the limits placed on us….”Brotherhood Unbounded” captures the essence of the types of people that make our fraternity better. We are the challengers. We are the innovators. We are the risk takers. We are the ones who will not let obstacles stand in our way.”

– Alexandra Pirsos, Elon ’18, competition winner for naming Brotherhood Unbounded. 


Continue your learning and leadership development through our AKPsi virtual education experience! With online programs and presentations, continue your professional development while you are away from campus through the MyAKPsi Community. You can also participate in “The Journey” to explore more about your passions, learn how to create a side hustle through Brainy Money, and continue to learn through our member-to-member virtual knowledge share presentations.

The Journey

Develop your professional skill sets and career exploration by joining the Beta program of The Journey to help provide feedback on this new educational opportunity.

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Virtual Education Experience

Enhance your learning by engaging with members and friends of AKPsi as they share their experiences in a wide range of topics from career and personal development to chapter operations.

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Educate yourself on how to start a side hustle to increase your personal wealth with Brainy Money.

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Stay engaged with your members from your chapter and connect with members across the fraternity through the MyAKPsi Community. You can share and see virtual chapter ideas and best practices, lessons learned, communicate with fraternity leadership, and participate in contests to win prizes! Enjoy a sense of community and collaborate with all of our members while continuing to practice social distancing.

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Graduating Seniors

Join AKPsi as we celebrate our graduating seniors! For our senior class, join your fellow graduates as we celebrate your transition from collegiate to alumni brothers. Join Fraternity leadership for a fraternity-wide virtual Graduating Senior Ritual, and a virtual alumni orientation, as well as participate in the senior spotlights and senior superlatives activities on our social media channels and in the collaboration groups in the MyAKPsi Community. 

Alpha Kappa Psi Class of 2020 Senior Celebration

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