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Brotherhood Unbounded

Brotherhood Unbounded is AKPsi’s program for developing principled business leaders. BU is designed with the following pathways:

    • Know Yourself
    • Build your Team
    • Find your Path
    • Practice your Skills

Brotherhood Unbounded rolled out during the 2021-22 academic year. BU includes the Birkman survey (Know Yourself), Belonging in Business courses (Know Yourself), Elevate (Build your Team), and other certificates and courses available via the MyLearning Dashboard.

More information on all BU activities can be found in MyAKPsi under the Events and the MyLearning sections. In addition, new business and career-related content are available through our Business Edge Podcast and our general website Leadership – Alpha Kappa Psi.

Why Brotherhood Unbounded?

“…for our brotherhood, unbounded truly means having or appearing to have no limits.  We are in a challenging time right now in the world, in our country, in our academic experiences, and in our brotherhood. But despite all of the physical and emotional constraints, coming together as a community is helping us remember that we are not defined by the limits placed on us….”Brotherhood Unbounded” captures the essence of the types of people that make our fraternity better. We are the challengers. We are the innovators. We are the risk takers. We are the ones who will not let obstacles stand in our way.”

– Alexandra Pirsos, Elon ’18, competition winner for naming Brotherhood Unbounded. 

Core Six Skills

Career Development

Activities related to career exploration, job/internship process, career preparation and ongoing professional development.

Personal Development

Activities related to self-assessment, leadership, and personal well-being.

Skill Development

Activities related to Alpha Kappa Psi’s core six skills.

Birkman Method Assessment

Access to the comprehensive tool utilized by many executive search firms to identify work styles, preferences, team dynamics, and stress behaviors. Log into the MyAKPsi Community and navigate to the MyLearning page. From this page, you’ll be able to launch the Birkman Method Assessment as well as access a series of reports to help you gain insight into the ways you process information, solve problems, manage stress, and work with others.

*Personal Development

Birkman Small Groups

Are you interested in helping to lead a session? Log into the MyAKPsi Community to show your interest. After navigating to Volunteer Central, click on the Birkman Facilitator vacancy to read more about being a facilitator and submit a general interest form.

* Career Development, Personal Development

The word Elevate in gold, with ELEV underlined in navy blue with an arrow lifting off from the V. The ATE is smaller in size and sits over a navy blue and gold sapphired infinity symbol.


Elevate offers individuals a structured program focusing on AKPsi’s Certificate Program. The Certificate Program provides depth and breadth to new topics focused on the four professional pathways: Know Yourself, Build Your Team. Find Your Path and Build Your Skills. During the event, participants network with other members and business professionals.

*Career Development, Personal Development, Skill Development

Principled Business Leadership Certificates

To be rolled out in MyAKPsi later this year, the certificates will be awarded to members as they achieve milestones along their principled business leadership journey through our Brotherhood Unbounded programs.

*Skill Development

MyAKPsi App

Available in the Apple and Google Play stores – provides access to the functions above through any handheld device.

Brotherhood Unbounded Programming

BU Programming and Events will continue to be added to the MyAKPsi Community. Be sure to check out the MyLearning page for additional learning plans and the Events page to register for upcoming virtual events.

MyAKPsi Community


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