Fostering fraternal and professional


With a focus on both fraternal knowledge and professional development, pledges will explore the basics of what it means to be a brother and the key practices and skills needed to succeed as a principled business leader.

Encouraging chapter


Introducing pledges to the brothers and the chapter begins on day one. Throughout the program, pledges will start building meaningful relationships and acclimating to the chapter culture.

Providing relevant


A comprehensive program is not complete without resources for everyone involved. With specific resources tailored to you, you’ll be adequately prepared for the process.

About Bridge to Brotherhood

Bridge to Brotherhood, also known as “The Bridge,” is Alpha Kappa Psi’s pledge education program focused on fraternal traditions, key educational skills, and local contexts. Bridge to Brotherhood is a highly-customizable five to eight-week program comprised of six educational modules, as well as Induction, the Fraternal Exam, Mid-Term Interview, Court of Honor Presentation, Initiation, and New Brother Orientation.

Over the course of Alpha Kappa Psi’s pledge education program, pledges are introduced to the key skills and practices of the Fraternity. Bridge to Brotherhood is designed to target areas of personal and professional development regarding how to become a principled business leader, as well as build an awareness and appreciation for the history, values, and vision of Alpha Kappa Psi.

Organize Your


For the five to nine weeks of pledging, the program should require no more than five (5) hours a week of time in total, including meetings, elective attendance, and preparation, as well as time spent interviewing and networking with brothers. As everyone requires a different amount of preparation, time spent studying for the Fraternal Exam may be in excess of this time frame.

Make the Most of Your


The Bridge to Brotherhood program works best when you set goals for yourself. You’ll have ongoing conversations with your big brother and fraternity educator to complete your own personal development plan.

Learn New


Employers have told us what they’re looking for in new hires. Soft skills are key! Through the Bridge to Brotherhood program, you’ll gain soft skills which serve as your foundation to become a principled business leader.

Oral Communication-01
Listening Comprehension-01
Relationship Building-01
Analytical-Critical Thinking-01

Study Materials

Several resources are available to help you succeed during the Bridge to Brotherhood process. Below are quizzes and a fraternal exam study guide. Use these to get prepared for your membership in Alpha Kappa Psi.

Quiz 1: Fraternity Policy Quiz

Quiz 2: Fraternity History Quiz

Quiz 3: Fraternity Structure Quiz

Fraternal Exam Study Guide