Alumnus of the Year Award

Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity and Foundation seek to identify and recognize alumni who have embodied the ideals and tenets that make up our fraternity. This honor is given only to those who have made significant accomplishments in business and in the community.

Recipients of this award are Alpha Kappa Psi members who have had an impact on those around them and who have helped shape our world today. Whether active or retired, these members are often great leaders in their chosen field. Each has given back by shared their vision, encouraging professional development, and leading others.

Alpha Kappa Psi educates it members to appreciate and understand higher ideals in business, and we recognize those who have succeeded in doing just that.

These members have been awarded the Alumnus of the Year Award in honor of their leadership in their chosen fields.

      • Robert D. Ray, Drake ’50
      • Edwin J. Feulner, Regis ’60-Life
      • Edward B. Rust, Illinois Wesleyan ’70-Life
      • F. Story Musgrave, Syracuse ’59-Life
      • David J. Scholes, New York ’65-Life
      • Arthur W. Carlson, Minnesota ’49-Life
      • James D. Caswell, Georgia State ’56-Life
      • Paul N. Rohrabaugh, Georgia ’51-Life
      • Ralph C. Moor, Georgia State ’33-Life
      • Kirk W.M. Tyson, Western Michigan ’03-Life
      • John A. Bennett, Richmond ’64-Life
      • Steve B. Warnecke, Iowa ’77-Life
      • Jesse H. Cox, Indiana ’40-Life
      • Barton H. Kogan, George Washington ’67-Life
      • Jack E. Bush, Missouri ’56-Life
      • Gregory P.A. Weber, Montclair State ’81-Life
      • Peter J. Aranda, Southern California ’83-Life

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