Judiciary Committee

Established in 2003, the Judiciary Committee’s primary function is to help protect
the reputation of the fraternity through use of the risk management policies.

The Judiciary Committee (JC) maintains resources and tools for chapters and volunteers to assist with the education of risk management issues. The JC also investigates the actions of chapters, members and guests that may have violated policies or be considered detrimental to the fraternity.

  • Christian Nuccio
    Christian Nuccio
    Committee Chairman
  • Kerri Dickson
    Kerri Dickson
    Committee Vice Chairman
  • Will Curtis
    Will Curtis
    Committee Member
  • Luke Bottorff
    Luke Bottorff
    Committee Member
  • Chris Folds
    Chris Folds
    Committee Member
  • Kevin Klich
    Kevin Klich
    Committee Member
  • Randy Wehmeyer
    Randy Wehmeyer
    Committee Member
  • Beth Owens
    Beth Owens
    Committee Member
  • Brandon U. Johnson
    Brandon U. Johnson
    Committee Member
  • Christine M. Vasquez
    Christine M. Vasquez
    Judiciary Committee Liaison
  • Donald T. Sechler
    Donald T. Sechler
    Judiciary Committee Liaison
  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Melinda Rosenthall
    Melinda Rosenthall
    Director of Student Services
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Operations Manual

Learn about risk prevention.